How Much Do You Know About Your Car’s Engine

Cincinnati, how much do you know about your car’s engine? For being such an important part of our lives, I’m surprised at how many people really don’t know much about how their car’s engine operates. Why should you know the finer point about how your engine functions? One main reason is if you encounter a maintenance issue you are going to have to be able to offer your Cincinnati car mechanic as much information as possible.

This is a great video that is really easy to understand and covers everything you’ll need to know about possibly diagnosing any issues you may encounter. Now the video is about 30 minutes, but the information is extremely valuable and could really help out your mechanic.

The engine in your car is a complex piece of machinery that isn’t always the easiest thing to understand, but hopefully watching the video above shed a little light on some of the basic function and operation. If you have any questions about the engine in your Kia, Honda, Acura, or Hyundai, don’t hesitate to call your Cincinnati car dealers at the Superior Automotive group.

Cincinnati Car Dealers: Case Of The Mondays…Here Are Some Bloopers To Brighten Your day

As much as all of us here at your Cincinnati car dealers, the Superior Automotive Group love to talk cars on this blog, we just want you to know that some of the videos we use to explain our points aren’t without their funny moments too. Yes, the final product that we usually post is a well polished, informative, education or, in this case, and entertaining video.

Here’s just a little fun video from our friends at who show you that, even the experts have their moments. So, here you go, just you know that not everyone is perfect and maybe it might make your “Case of the Mondays” a little more bearable…BLOOPERS!

Now I know they weren’t up to the quality of “guy getting hit in crotch with golf ball” funny, but hey, it was just a little something to give you a little chuckle. We all mostly have good days, but every now and then a few bad ones creep in there. It’s always good to know that even the pros have their bad days.

If you are having a bad Cincinnati car day, then I highly recommend that you bring it by one of your Cincinnati car dealers in the Superior Automotive Group. I swear…no bloopers will happen while we are taking care of your Cincinnati Honda, Cincinnati Acura, Cincinnati Kia or Cincinnati Hyundai.

Take the uncertainty out of taking your car to the shop

There is a great chance that somewhere along the life of your car that you will have to take it into a mechanic’s shop to get work done that you just can’t do at home. For many people, this can be a nervous proposition. There is the stereotype out there that most mechanics only want to take your money and not do quality work to fix your car. We’ve all seen the 20/20 specials in these unfortunate cases, but you should know that this happens very rarely. If you are weary about finding the right mechanic for you, then the best thing you can do is research.

The video below does a great job in showing you the things to look for and the questions to ask when finding the right mechanic for you and your car.


Of course, if you bought your car from Superior Cars, you can rest easy in the fact that we have some of the best and most trustworthy mechanics that specialize in your car.  If you are looking for a new car, then be sure to come into Superior Cars.

Keep your windows clean and working

One of those forgotten things in your car that you need to take of is your car’s windows.  It is easy to forget to properly clean and maintain your windows because the only time you notice them is when something is wrong.  Like other parts of your car, your windows have a lot of moving parts, and if one thing starts to wear down then you can be forced to spend a few hundred bucks having it fixed. The best thing that you can do to make sure that your windows will work properly for years to come is proper cleaning.

The video below shows how easy it is to stop future window problems, and how those problems occur.


So be sure to clean out all parts of your window once a month or so to stop any damage before it happens.  It is very easy and will save you money in the long run.  If you are looking for a new car, then be sure to come into Superior Cars.

Find out if you have transmission problems

There are hundreds of parts and components in your car that can start to wear or break down and need to be replaced. A lot of time, these repairs can be easily done and won’t break the bank.  But there is one part of your car that can cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace if it completely breaks down and that is your transmission.  Transmission repairs are notoriously expensive and lengthy fixes, and that’s why it is so important to stop any problems as soon as they start.  While that sounds easy enough it can be hard to know if you are facing a problem if you don’t know what to check for.

The video below does a great job at explaining what you should listen and feel for when driving to try to stop any major transmission problems before they start.


So be sure to regularly check your transmission fluid and keep your ears open when driving to stop any major transmission problems before they stop your car from working.  If your old car has experienced major transmission failure and you’d rather get into a new ride rather than spend the same money on a new transmission, then be sure to come into Superior Cars.

The new Kia Soul is a hit on the road and online

In the world of YouTube and Twitter, companies are now looking for new ways to reach their audience. The word viral used to be a bad omen, but today it means millions of new fans and a way to show off a great product.  Well, Kia has found a way to make a great, affordable car, and a fresh way to show it off with their 2012 Kia Soul.  While you may ask yourself what dancing hamsters has to do with cars, then you are not alone, but if you are a fan of Kia and like to see it make a bigger push in the American market, then this commercial is sure to please you.

The Kia Soul was introduced a few years ago to rave reviews.  It’s great handling, excellent fuel economy, and enough size to haul your groceries and the kids comfortably have made it a great car to own.  Not only does it come with all of these things, but it looks great and is very reasonably priced.  You can watch their new ad with their now iconic pitch men below.


If you want to get out of the rat race and into a new Kia Soul, then come into Superior Kia and we can get you moving in the right direction.  While it may come short from ending wars, it’ll still make you feel like dancing.

When you know that you have enough bass in your car

We all like cranking up the stereo and driving with the windows rolled down some times.  Sure, it’s not great for every occasion, but the feeling of a bumping bass can be enough to satisfy that urge for short periods of time.  Most people who upgrade their cars with a premium audio system will put a few sub woofers in the trunk between ten and fifteen inches to get plenty of boosting power for their ride.  Well, there are some people who build cars that are packed to the gills with speakers and sub woofers, and they probably wouldn’t be used to listen to some tunes while cruising down an open road.

Cars like these are made for competitions to see who can get the most bass and sound out of their car.  In the video below you’ll be able to see what 40,000 watts of bass power can do.  It’s a hair raising experience!

While some people may like having enough bass to sound like a bomb going off, it is definitely not for everyone.  If you are looking for a new car with a great sound system, that will still allow you to actually enjoy your music, then be sure to come into Superior Cars.

Bad drivers on a Netherlands show can teach us lessons

In the Netherlands, someone came up with the idea of getting the country’s worst drivers and put them on a road course to show how bad they are.  If this sounds like a recipe for disaster to you, then you have far more insight than the producers of this show.  They recently had a person on who gave the crew a little more footage than they wanted, and ended up putting a camera man in the hospital.

While the irony is laughable, it can show how dangerous mistakes can be when you are behind the wheel.  Apparently, the driver mistook the gas pedal for the brake pedal, and that’s where everything went wrong.  Here’s more information from Motor Authority.

The host of the show, Ruben Nicolai, and one of the cameramen were injured in the accident, which, though we don’t understand Dutch, apparently involved accelerating toward an obstacle and braking at the last moment to avoid contact. The driver here is clearly one of the worst in any country, grossly misjudging the braking point, veering off course, and striking one of the staff vehicles sitting nearby.

Reports indicate the driver, identified only as “Pim,” mistook the gas pedal for the brake, flooring it when he tried to stop. Nicolai was knocked out in the collision and spent a night in the hospital, but was later pronounced healthy.

Worse than mistaking the gas for the brake, however, is this driver’s reaction once it’s clear that things have gone completely pear-shaped: he shuts his eyes, takes his hands from the wheel, covers his face, and appears to curl up into the fetal position. Wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong.

Below is video of the wreck, which sadly is not subtitled for us English speakers.

This video just goes to show how dangerous bad driving can be, and should serve as a lesson to all drivers.  If you are looking for a new car with great safety features, then be sure to come to Superior Cars.

Are those gas additives worth the money?

If you have been in any auto parts store then you have seen those brightly colored bottles next to the oil.  They advertise more power, better acceleration, and better gas mileage.  But do they really work?  Companies that produce these products have been in and out of the courts over law suits filed claiming that it is false advertising, yet the companies will point to their data saying that they work.  So who do you believe?

I found a great video produced in England that took the claims about power boosting additives to the test, and the results are rather surprising.

So it appears that you can’t buy more horsepower out of a few ounces of liquid.  While these tests point to a net loss in power, they do not test any of the gas saving additives that are on the market.  I guess the point is to do your research before you put these things in your vehicle.  The best way to get better mileage and more power would be to buy a higher grade of gasoline.  If you want more power in a car, then you should come by Superior Cars and give some of our vehicles a test drive.

What will the future of navigation look like?

Within the last decade, driving has been made a whole lot easier with the invention of car GPS systems.  It has allowed us to break free from maps and we will never have to stop somewhere and ask for directions.  So where do we go from here?  Well MIT and Volkswagen are teaming up to test out new and exciting ways to get from point A to point B.

Their new navigation tool is being called AIDA, and it works by using the top of your dashboard as a virtual map.  In the video below you will notice how it will allow you to do more than just drive with knowledge of the route, but also reserve a table at a restaurant and buy tickets to an upcoming show.

So what do you think?  Does it look more cumbersome and distracting than helpful, or would you be willing to get one if they came out?  Let me know in the comments!  And if you still need directions to find a great new car, check us out at Superior Cars.