The Best Car Accessories

Car accessories make our lives easier. They give that little bit of extra convenience we are looking for so we can bear the stress we experience from work and school. These accessories can also give a unique appearance to our rides that can make people stare in awe.

When choosing the best accessories for your vehicle, you need to decide what you are looking for and how this accessory will improve your vehicle or your lifestyle. Stay away from those pretty accessories you find at your local retail store that really don’t do anything for your vehicle in the way of appearance or functionality. Also keep in mind that some car accessories can have very hefty price tags.

Best Accessories

The interior speaks of luxury, room and a quiet ride. Interior accessories can include anything from entertainment electronics, car booster seats or safety side air bags. Some of the accessories you can have installed by your Honda or Kia dealer in Cincinnati.

Car Audio System Inputs

Whether you are looking to plug in your iPod or cell phone, such accessories are becoming necessities especially in older vehicle models that don’t have the new infotainment touch screen systems. Today, you can buy integration kits without having to take out your entire audio system.

Also, look into rear DVD systems and MP3 adapters if you have a family that spends a lot of time in the car. Having these can make those trips a lot more pleasant for everyone.

Safety Features

While most safety features are standard, it’s difficult for vehicle manufacturers to include flexible seating and side air bags for children due to their varying sizes because every family has different needs. To make your family safer, you can get built-in car booster seats for your kids so they are elevated to properly wear a seat belt. Also look into getting a vehicle with side air bags to give children the protection they need if ever in a car accident.

Exterior Accessories

Most exterior accessories are wanted by people who love to customize their vehicles. These accessories can involve everything from getting a stylish paint job, tinting your windows or even upgrading your chrome wheels. Discuss with your Cincinnati car dealer about these types of upgrades to see if your dealer can make the modifications at the right price.

Accessories You Will Love

Before getting any type of accessory, take a moment to seriously consider if it is something you want and if it is within your budget. This will allow you to focus on those accessories you need so that you feel as if you made the right decision.

The Best Things You Will Learn in Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is an important skill that can help keep you, your loved ones and your vehicle safe and injury and damage free. Taking a class in defensive driving teaches you a number of essential skills that you can apply in your daily life. These skills are some of the most important you will learn.

Avoid Road Rage

This seems fairly obvious, but in heated moments it is easy to let your temper get the best of you. One of the biggest things that defensive driving teaches you is that you need to let the small stuff go- and it is all small stuff. Drivers who pull out in front of you may be annoying, and dangerous, but even more dangerous things happen when you try to retaliate against dangerous drivers.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

Driving takes a large amount of concentration, yet many people eat, talk on their cell phones, put on makeup and even read while driving. Any one of these things can cause a serious accident. Even more important than making sure you pay attention while driving, it is important that you are aware of what the other drivers are doing on the road. Be aware of drivers that are not paying attention.

Stay Away from Dangerous Drivers

The most important thing about defensive driving is learning how to defend you against bad and dangerous drivers. The easiest and the safest way to do this is to avoid dangerous drivers. For example, if a car is careening into your lane for whatever reason, the best thing to do is to move into a clear adjacent lane, or to slow down. If necessary, pull over your new Hyundai to the side of the road.

Dangerous Weather Conditions

Bad weather is also very dangerous for drivers. Defensive driving teaches drivers how to drive safely in all types of weather. For example, it is very important to drive slowly while it is raining. Snow and ice are also dangerous conditions to drive in. Many drivers have difficulty driving on icy conditions. One thing that defensive driving teaches people is to drive into a skid if the car careens out of control because of icy roads or other causes

Defensive driving can help you keep safe and keep your vehicle from your Cincinnati Car Dealer in good working condition. By learning how to drive defensively you can greatly reduce your chances of ending up in and accident, and lessen the severity of the accident if you do have one.

Good News For The Snowbound

Who hasn’t cursed the snow this year? I know we all have. In the hours I was pent up I was just cruising around the net, I found an awesome product we could have all used. Its call the Track N Go and are basically tracked snowshoes for your vehicle.

Introducing the Track N Go by AD Boivin. Source

This creative solution for foul-weather-mastery comes from AD Boivin, a company better known for marketing products for powersports vehicles like motocross bikes and snowmobiles. The company says that this is the world’s first wheel-driven track system…


Can you imagine if we all had something like the Track ‘N Go in our garages specifically for weather like we recently had? As far as I know, they haven’t gone into production, because quite honestly after I found the video, I was so excited, I wanted to show everyone I wrote this blog (Hey, I’m not a journalist). I’m sure a little further research would confirm production or not, but since I have see any on the streets of Cincinnati, I’m just goig to go ahead and assume that they are still testing…or, totally abandoned for as far as I know. If anyone knows the status of this, let me know, because I want some!



Getting To Know Your Battery

Know your battery. It’s not just a black box that sits in and is hooked up to your car. Consider your battery the the breath of life for your car. It’s the one piece, that without it, renders your car literally, “dead”. If you’ve always wanted to know about how your battery works in your new or used car, truck, or SUV, watch the video below. It will give you so much information about the form and function of your battery.

Now a dead battery is something that you don’t necessarily have to tow you entire car into you Cincinnati Car dealer to have fixed. Silly, I know right? You’d be surprised with what we’ve seen. Just bring your dead battery to any Superior location and we’ll get you the right size and amps you need to get your car rolling again.

If you decide to get your battery from another source, make sure you properly dispose of your old battery. You cannot just throw it in the garbage, you are going t have to take it to a proper dumping facility. Of course, you can avoid all of that by just getting your new battery at any Superior Automotive location.

Treat Yourself And Your Truck Or SUV To A Lift Kit

This Christmas why not get something new for your tuck, or SUV like a lift kit? Why would you want a lift kit? To give your truck or SUV a more aggressive look, of course! Plus, it’s way more affordable than getting a new truck, or SUV. A lift kit can cost from about $400 to $1,000 depending on what make and model you have, as well as how much “lift” you are looking to get.

Below is a great example of a lift product that you can have the expert service department at any Superior Automotive Group location install.

Now keep in mind, according to

Depending on the model of vehicle and the height of the body lift kit, additional money might have to be invested in raising the bumpers, extending the gearshift through the floorboard of the vehicle and making other modifications to accommodate the body lift. Although a body lift causes a vehicle to sit higher, it does not alter or improve suspension, or increase travel. In general, it is therefore not considered the lift of choice by offroaders.

This is true, so if you plan on putting a body lift on your truck, or SUV you might want to factor in some addition costs. One thing to remember is that since a lift kit just raises the body and not the suspension, you are going to have the same ground clearance as before, your truck, or SUV will just appear to be taller. You need to consider this if you plan on “offroading”. A suspension lift is what you’ll need, not just a body lift.

If you have any questions about Cincinnati Cars, Trucks or SUVs, don’t hesitate to contact any Superior Automotive location whether it is in regards to this topic, or one of your own. Our experts have all of the answers.

All I Want For Christmas; Gifts For Your Car

So, what are you asking Santa for this year? That rotisserie accessory fro your grill…a new wallet for your purse. What about your car, truck or SUV? Don’t you think you could spread a little of that Christmas spirit to that vehicle that you spend so much time in through out the year? If you aren’t sure what to get Dad, how about a grill guard for his truck? Not sure what to get Junior? He’s been complaining about his car stereo for a while now. Why not get him an after market receiver? Oh, you can’t leave out Mom! How about a brand new Honda, Hyundai, Acura or Kia! OK, not everyone can get a new car for Christmas, we’ve seen it before, and no doubt it would be a present that they’d never forget, but it all reality Santa is going to have a hard time fitting a new car down the chimney. Of course that doesn’t mean your should give up on finding a gift oriented around your car.

In fact, the items listed above can be expensive, so how about something a little more affordable and extremely useful. Cleaning and care products make great gifts! Check out the video below for 10 great ideas for the car lover in your family.

If you are having problem trying to figure out the best gifts for your special loved one’s, stop by any of your Cincinnati Car dealers like the Superior Automotive Group and we can certainly help you through our accessory and parts selection. Some of which make for perfect stocking stuffers. Of course if you are looking for the greatest gift you could give, that being a new Honda, Hyundai Acura, or Kia, well I’m sure we can help you find one even Santa might have a hard time getting his hands on to.

Upgrading Your Car Audio

With all of the advancements in car audio systems these days, it’s no wonder that the stereo system is the first thing to be upgraded. People want more power, better speakers and receivers in their Cincinnati cars, which makes sense, after all, we do spend a lot of time in our cars these days. So, what’s the best way to go about adding an advanced audio system to your new car?

It all depends on what you are looking for and what your budget is. It is very easy to go overboard with an audio installation, which can also break your budget. Today the trend is louder and clearer audio dynamics with an apparent focus on having people hear your “boom” 50 blocks away. Let’s be reasonable here. I’m not going to preach about hearing loss and all that stuff, sometimes the only way to listen to a good song is with the volume cranked up.

Just be aware, of two things, you are probably in danger of breaking a noise ordinance…yes it happens, I know a guy who was ticketed for this. Also, hearing damage can never be repaired. You know that ringing you get after listening to something at high volumes for a period of time? Yeah ,well that’s called tinnitus and it’s the sound of the cells of your ear drum dying. So keep that in mind when you decide to put two 2,000 what amplifiers in your vehicle to make it a virtual concert arena on wheels.

So what’s the best way to shop for a new audio system for your Cincinnati car? Check out this video:

If you want to get a new stereo? Get it, but know your budget and know what you are looking for. You may want to consult with your Cincinnati car dealer to know what is right for your vehicle.

Cincinnati Car Dealer, Will Back Up Cameras Be Mandatory

This Cincinnati Car Dealer, recently read an article that stated that Federal regulators will soon pass a ruling that all automakers will be required to install rear view cameras in their manufactured vehicles by the year 2014.

Back over accidents, which is included in the top 6 vehicle hazards for children, is one of the vehicle incidents that back-up cameras can prevent. According to USA Today, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration presented the following statistics when the initial proposal for the rule was made:

…annually some 292 fatalities and 18,000 injuries resulted from back-over incidents. It said 228 of the fatalities involve cars and lights trucks. And it said the most likely to be victims are kids and older folks, with 44% of the light-vehicle fatalities involving children under age 5 and 33% involve people age 70 or older.

With the addition of mandatory back-up cameras in vehicles, hopefully, these statistics will change. Some current vehicles on the market come with back-up cameras, or offer them as an option. If yours does not, there is always the option of an after market back up camera, or back up sensor you can have installed until the back up camera is a standard feature in all vehicles. Either the back up camera, or the back up sensor can help prevent back over accidents from happening.

For more information on this new ruling, visit USA Today to read the full article. And if you are in the market for a new car Cincinnati, stop by any Superior Automotive Group location, and we can help you find a new Hyundai, Kia, Acura or Honda today; some of which have the back up camera option!

You May Just Need A Charge For Your Cincinnati Car’s Battery…Not A New One

At some point in our driving careers, we will be stuck with a dead battery. Maybe we left our lights on, maybe there is corrosion around the poles, maybe we just have bad luck, either way the Superior Automotive Group knows how miserable it is. But don’t worry, help is on the way…and no, it’s not the tow truck. It’s a battery charger! The best way to avoid any unforeseen problems is to avoid them altogether right? So, keeping your battery in good condition is one way to “avoid” one such “unforeseen problem”. Got it?

Let’s say you accidentally left your interior lights on all night and you wake up to find that you have a dead battery, what do you do? Without a battery charger, you call into work and burn a personal day in hopes of getting a jump from a neighbor or a new battery. With a battery charger, well you get to save that personal day for a time when you really want to play hooky. Let me tell you, for around $50, it’s worth it and you’ll get a pretty decent charger to boot!

How does a charger work? Check out the video.

How easy is it to use? This easy.

Of course, there could also be other reasons why your battery is discharging faster than usual, or not having enough juice to turn the starter, and that is a bigger issue. If your Cincinnati car is loosing its charge rapidly, it could be your alternator. I’d advise you take your car to any Superior Automotive location if your battery issues become problematic.

Cincinnati Car Dealer: Happy Father’s Day

Your Cincinnati Car Dealers, the Superior Automotive Group wants  to say, “Happy Father’s Day” to all of the dads in Cincinnati. If it weren’t for you, who would have taught us to shoot a BB gun, or take us camping, or taught us how important it is to check the air pressure in our car’s tires?

Here’s to you Dads of Cincinnati!

Bring dad into any Superior Automotive Group location and help him pick out an amazing Father’s Day Gift, we have hundred’s to choose from.