Tips For A New Driver

I remember when I got my first car: The excitement of driving, the freedom, no more riding the bus, the popularity, the chance to finally prove I was maturing. Well those are all great feelings, but let’s face it I didn’t know the first thing about taking care of my car. Had it not been for my parents I would not have known when I needed new tries, or an oil change.

The first thing you should do is get insurance on your vehicle! Shop a few different insurance companies. I would shop at least 3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and do your research. So you can get the plan that is right for you and the price that best fits you.

The next thing to remember is that keeping your new or used car properly maintained is key. You should never forget to get your oil changed regularly. You should get your oil changed at least every 3,000 miles. It’ll keep your engine running properly and keep your car out of the shop.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on those tires. Proper tire inflation is key to keeping your car in good shape. It can also help reduce the cost of fuel. Keep an eye out for any wear and tear, under inflation, nails, screws etc. Make sure that you are getting your tires rotated on a regular schedule. Usually every other oil change is a good way of timing it out.

Can you think of anything else that’ll help first time drivers? Have any good stories from your first new car?

Help! I Can’t Find My VIN Number

Don’t think your Cincinnati car has a fingerprint? Think again! All vehicles contain a very important strand of car DNA and that’s the VIN number.

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number.  Way back in 1981, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) required VINs for all vehicles.  Read on for more from

Vehicles made during or after 1981 have a VIN made up of 17 characters (letters and numerals). Before that, the VIN usually ranged anywhere from 11 to 17 characters.

The VIN provides clues as to a vehicle’s background, including the manufacturer, model year, and where it was built. In other words, it records the vehicle’s identity. To learn what the individual characters in a VIN represent, visit our page on decoding the VIN.

The VIN also provides a means to trace a vehicle from its “cradle” (the factory) to its “grave” (the scrap heap). In that way, it is similar to a Social Security number for Americans. So it is important to know where the VIN is in order to order a vehicle history report from AutoCheck.

A VIN appears on many forms: registrations, titles, insurance identification cards, accident reports, recall reports, and body shop records, to name a few.

For those of you that don’t know where your VIN number is…trust me, I know you are out there…your vehicle’s VIN can be located at the lower left corner of your dashboard.  If you still can’t find it, just give your Cincinnati Car Dealers at the Superior Automotive Group a call.

Lowering The Costs Of Insurance On New Cincinnati Cars

Your Cincinnati car dealers, The Superior Automotive Group understand that there are certain costs inherent in owing a car. One of those costs is the requirement of having car insurance.

So, the real question is; if you have to have it, you may as well try to save as much money as you can on your car insurance, right? Especially with gas prices still insanely high. Insurance prices aren’t necessarily set in stone, so how can you save money on your car insurance? Ask about all available discounts. That’s right, most major carriers offer multiple discounts such as one for any special features on your car that might make it safer, such as daytime running lights, anti-lock brakes, good driver discount, etc. Plus taking a defensive driving course can, in some cases, lower your insurance.

Think that insuring a teen is “through the roof” expensive? It doesn’t have to be. Did you know your teenager can have lower insurance if they get good grades? There’s a good student discount, and they can get even more of a discount if they take Driver’s Ed.

The thing you should do is give your insurance provider a call and see if there are any available discounts for your or your family policy. If you have any questions regarding insurance costs on New Cincinnati Cars, you can give any Superior Automotive location a call and we can point you in the right direction.

Cincinnati Car Insurance: What You Should Know

There is no getting around it. If you drive you have to carry at minimum, limited liability insurance on your vehicle. Of course if you are like us at your Cincinnati car dealers, the Superior Auto Group, you are going to want to spend as little money as possible. After all, we all hope you never even have to use your insurance, but it is still mandatory. So how do you shop for the best prices on insurance? Do you scour the Internet like you would the weekly newspaper for the best deals on groceries, or clothing? If so, you should put forth the same effort when searching for car insurance.  Keep your well-deserved money and read on for some tips from Wallet Pop for saving money on car insurance:

  • Determine the limits you want on your policy, and then get multiple quotes. To ensure you’re comparing apples to apples, ask the agents to give you quotes based on the same or similar deductibles, coverages, etc.
  • Consider purchasing your homeowner, auto and umbrella insurance with the same company, so a multi-coverage discount will apply.
  • Tell your agent about anti-theft alarms, anti-lock brakes and other safety features of your car or SUV. These could translate into bigger discounts.
  • Ask for a quote that would pay to replace your vehicle, rather than pay you based on its depreciated value.
  • Ask your agent what documentation you need to substantiate a claim, in case of damage, or theft.
  • Pay your entire premium up front, since many carriers offer discounts for doing so.
  • Read all the details in the policy so you know exactly what is covered.

Insurance, you can’t drive without it, and nor would you want to. The tips above are great money-saving tips, now you just have to do something with them.  Do you have any others to share with your fellow Cincinnati Honda, Acura, Hyundai and Kia drivers?  Do you feel that Ohio insurance is higher than in other states?

Cincinnati, Do You Need GAP Insurance

Let’s say that you’ve done all of your research and have decided to buy a new car from the Superior Automotive Group. You have read all of the reviews on the vehicle you intend to purchase and you’ve watched all of the YouTube videos. You have all of your financing squared away and you’ve already made an appointment with a salesman to take an extended test drive. But, there is something you’ve forgotten about. GAP Insurance.

You may think that, “Oh, I’m already insured with my other vehicle, surely that counts”. Well it does, and it doesn’t. GAP insurance picks up where car insurance leaves off.

So, what is GAP insurance? I’ll make it simple. So, you’ve just bought that new car at $40,000. The minute you drove it off the lot it depreciated in value according to your insurance company. So, now it’s worth $30,000.  You wreck that car and the insurance company gives you the $30,000 for it, but now you still owe a remaining $10,000 on a car that you aren’t even driving because it’s been totaled. Unfortunately, this happens all the time to people, but it wouldn’t happen if they had GAP insurance. See, GAP insurance will insure you for the difference between what you would owe on a vehicle and what an insurance company says it’s worth. So in other words, you would be 100% covered if you were in an accident and now you know why it’s imperative to get GAP insurance.

*The one and only reason you might not want GAP insurance on your new car is if you paid for it with cash and don’t owe anything to the bank.

For less than $5 a month in most cases, GAP insurance can save you thousands. When searching for GAP insurance, research all of your options because there are a few different ways to obtain it. You can get it through the dealership, your insurance company or in some cases, the bank will roll it into your loan.

Let Superior know if you have any experience with Gap Insurance and tell us YOUR advice.

Cheaper Insurance for Cincinnati Teens

We see a lot of fender benders come through the Superior Service centers. A lot of them are teens. Statistically, teen drivers are most at risk in trying to navigate through Cincinnati traffic. Consequently, insurance for teenagers is going to be on the higher. Did you know that there are a few tricks and tips that you could use to keep your teenagers insurance down? Check out this video and get a few of those tips and hints now.

It’s a fact, teenagers just can not wait until the day that they turn 16, so they can hit the open road on their next adventure. It’s freedom that they long for, but at what price does that freedom come? The bottom line is that, insurance: You can’t live with it and you certainly can’t drive without it. The good news is, insurance doesn’t have to drain your bank account. If you have any tips and hints you Superior would love to read them.

Cincinnati: 5 Easy ways to get New Car Insurance

Insurance. If you own a car, you must have it…but how do you choose?

After short-listing your potential car insurance providers, check out car insurance quite sites online where you can fill out your details once and have the site submit your information to your chosen car insurance providers. Let THEM do the work of getting your business!

Work on a having a good driving history. Insurance companies are taking a risk on your driving habits. As such, if you have a good driving track record, then chances of you getting in a road accident (and ergo chances of the insurance company needing to make a payout) are slim. So, good driving record = better car insurance rates.

Know your credit score. Your credit score is one of the things an insurer takes into consideration when figuring out the auto insurance quote to give you. If your credit score is bad this means your finances are not good, which means you’re a big risk for the insurance company, which in turn means you get a high car insurance rate.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are often mistakes in one’s credit score! The best thing to do here is for you to know your credit score NOW and fix any erroneous entries by getting in touch with credit report companies to get these mistakes out and thus improve your credit score. In the end, a good credit score = better car insurance rates!

Read auto insurance reviews online and learn from other people’s experience! With your good driving record history and better credit score in hand it’s time to seek the best car insurance providers. The best way to find these providers is to learn from the experience of others. A great place to be better informed is to visit (AIR). AIR is third-party site where thousands of people just like you sign up and post their own personal reviews of car insurance providers they’ve dealt with. The review criteria for each vehicle insurance company are: Extent of Coverage, Claims, Customer Service, and Car Insurance Cost.

Take higher deductibles. If you can afford it, opt to pay a higher deductible (the amount you need to pay the insurance company before they pay any claims) than normal. It may be steep at the start but this means paying lower monthly premiums too, which in the long run means more savings for you.

Go ahead… ask for a discount! Nowadays, there are plenty of discounts that can be had on car insurance (e.g., low mileage drivers, presence of anti-theft gadgets in the car, car-poolers, etc.) but in many cases you do have to ask for them! So go ahead and ask! Hey, it’s your money, right?

There are many great resources you can follow-up with on the internet if you have any further questions. It’s always good to do your research, so you know you will be getting the best coverage for the better rates. Then come and see the Superior Auto Group a pick out your new car!

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Drivers…. You Need To Avoid.

We at the Superior Auto Group found this list compiled on and at first I thought…Oh my. How rude… Ha ha. But after I started reading the article and  I got down to the end I totally understood what they were saying. Now this isn’t meant to offend anyone by any means, but if you read the blog and see where it all came from then it makes total sense.

Check it out:

“Professions that demand multi-tasking – being on the phone, moving fast on a tight schedule – are prone to more distractions and, from there, more accidents,” says Sam Belden, VP, all joking aside. “On the other hand, though the job of a homemaker demands multi-tasking, young children are often along for any car ride. And when children are involved, people tend to take their time and use greater caution.” Homemakers and athletes also tend to be off the road during rush hour.

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Drivers by Profession

1. Attorneys and judges
2. Financial professionals
3. Government employees
4. Bartenders and waiters
5. Business professionals
6. Dog groomers
7. Advertising and marketing professionals
8. Barbers and stylists
9. Coaches
10. Nurses

So see? It makes sense… I’m always on my phone trying to make a deal or send an email. I get it. Do you think you are one of these types? Superior would like to hear your thoughts on this!

Use “In-Drive” and save on your insurance!

I’m sure most of us have heard about the On Star program that GM runs through most of their vehicles.  These kinds of systems are called telematic services, and they are made to assist drivers in real time.  While On Star is starting to branch out away from GM with stand alone products, there is another system that is about to launch called In-Drive.  What makes this system different from the rest is that it is run by State Farm Insurance.  This means that you’ll not only have roadside assistance and maintenance diagnostics at the push of a button, but you may also save money on your car insurance.

Now, you don’t need to be a State Farm Insurance customer to be able to use In-Drive.  How it works is that you plug one end into your cars diagnostic computer port (this only works for cars that were built after 1995) while you’ll have a separate device that attaches to your visor.  While In-Touch does not offer in car navigation, or mobile calling, it will still be able to tell a person in the control center any problems that occur in your car.

If you are a State Farm Insurance customer, then you will be able to get even more out of the In-Drive system.  If you allow State Farm to link into your vehicle and monitor your driving habits, you can save up to ten percent on liability and medical coverage, and other services that they offer.  While you may feel uncertain in letting the company monitor your vehicle’s speed and how hard you brake, the company has said that they may raise your possible savings to up to fifty percent!  The service is free for the first six months after a $10 activation charge, and the plans will run from five to fifteen dollars a month after that.

So if you are looking for a great telematic service, stay on the look out for In-Drive, and if you are looking for a great new car, then come to Superior Cars.

Driving safely also helps the economy

Driving safety should be top of mind for every person that gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, but no matter how safe you are driving, accidents still happen.  Most of the time, these accidents only cause damage to the cars involved, and maybe some minor injuries, yet there are those terrible occurrences can result in the loss of life. These accidents take a huge toll on a community.

The loss of life in an auto accident is always a tragedy, especially for the families of those involved, but did you know that they also hurt everyone else living in the same state?  Here’s more from

Every year, the United States loses in the neighborhood of 30,000 people to traffic accidents. That’s like the entire population of a medium-sized town being wiped out annually. The number of deaths not only wreaks havoc with families, but it puts a strain on our economy.

In recognition of the rising costs of traffic fatalities – not just in the U.S., but globally – the United Nations General Assembly has declared 2011-2020 the Decade of Action for Road Safety. The ten-year span will be marked by increased consciousness of driving habits, road conditions and vehicle safety. In honor of the event, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has put together some alarming statistics.

In 2005, traffic deaths wound up costing just over $41 billion in medical bills and work lost. Yes, that’s billion with a “B.” According to the CDC, 10 states stood head and shoulders above the rest in monetary losses. Those were: California, at $4.16 billion, Texas, at $3.50 billion, Florida, at 3.16 billion, Georgia, at $1.55 billion, Pennsylvania, at $1.52 billion, North Carolina, at $1.50 billion, New York, at $1.33 billion, Illinois, at $1.32 billion, Ohio, at $1.23 billion and Tennessee, at $1.15 billion.

Though these 10 states handily outranked the others, the CDC tallied up the monetary total for all of the 50 states. To see how your home state fared, check out the CDC website. If the U.S. can rack up such an alarming total by itself, we shudder to think what the global costs of car wrecks is.

I know that the economic loss to the state is nothing compared to the emotional loss of losing a loved one, but this just goes to show that we are all tied into safe driving together.  So when you get behind the wheel, be sure that you are in a condition to drive safely. Your state will thank you.  If you want a new car with the newest safety features, then be sure to stop by Superior Cars.