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Superior Acura:

I drove my Acura into the service center in Cincinnati Ohio after a minor fender bender. John in the service center was more than helpful. He did go above and beyond in helping me, even when I needed the car transferred to their Collision Center. When I am in the market for a new car, I will certainly go back. It makes a huge difference dealing with respectable, intelligent people who are there to help you.

- Betsey


I’ve now bought/leased4 Acuras from Brad osborn and every sale has been a great experience. I plan to continue buying through Brad and will recommend him to all of my friends

-Dealer Rater


I visited Superior Acura to see a used vehicle listed on their website. The vehicle was exactly as it had been described on the web. I was met at the door of the dealership by an employee who immediately located Flip Miller for me when I told him that was who I was looking for. At no time during the car buying process did I feel pressured, uncomfortable, or ignored. The vehicle was already listed under blue book value and I received a good final price on top of that.

The entire car buying experience was painless at Superior Acura and I would highly recommend them.

-Tracy J. on Dealer Rating


We have worked with Reggie twice in the past 2 months, in December on a used Acura TL and this week a new 2011 TSX – Reggie is great to work with. He isn’t pushy but works hard to find what you are looking for and then works hard to get you the best deal possible. We have purchased 3 cars from Reggie and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to friends and family. Professional and friendly – A+++

-Shelli Mundziak on Dealer Rating


The best car buying experience that I have ever experienced. From the time that I walked into the door until I left I was pleasantly greeted and helped. I would recommend anyone to purchase their next vehicle from this dealership.

-Dealer Rater


I shopped around on several reputable buying sites as well as looked at several other dealerships in town. I have a great relationship with most all of them, but Derrick, John, and Alex made the difference in this sale.

Alex took the time needed to guide me through the buying process and John came throuhg with a re-assured price point that made me comfortable in doing business here.

I would recoomend and WILL recommend my friends and family to go to Superior Acura…your PEOPLE made the difference for us.

Thanks guys!!!

-Dealer Rater


My wife and I made our way to the dealership after several timely follow-ups by Michael. Late on Saturday night, after less than an hour at the dealership, Adrian got our financing completely, even missed an appointment to make sure we could leave with our SUV. Would highly recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a great experience, price, and service.

-Dealer Rater


Superior Honda:

Superior Hyundai North:

 I was able to find the color and model that I was looked for. The dealer and general manager also saved a lot of time for unnesssary negotiations and made a pretty straight offer to me. Overall, I am satisfied my deal at this dealership.

Superior Hyundai South:

I have long been a fan of Nissan, however it was great to stop by Superior Hyundai South. They had a big selection, and Andrew Strietmann was very helpful by showing me cars that met my needs. He calmly explained different features without pressure, and now has me considering a Hyundai for my next ride. The next time you find yourself looking for a car, be sure to stop by and see Andrew.

-AJ Davis


Superior Hyundai South is one of the best dealerships I’ve ever been to. The employees are really friendly, and informative. They have the most thourough demonstrations of the cars features I’ve ever been apart of. I worked with Trevor Balsbaugh. He answered every question I had, and made my car purchase as painless as possible. I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a great car at a great price from great people.

-Dealer Rater


Where’s the best place to find a lease on a new Sonata? Superior Hyundai South in Cincinnati Ohio.
Who’s the best Sales Associate to see? Trevor Balsbaugh.

The experience, courtesy, and honesty are next to none. I received the best customer service possible.
Trevor is very knowledgeable about all of the details of the different models available. He is also very patient throughout our several visits to the dealership. I was unsure of what model I wanted, but my wife was set on the Sonata. On our first visit we were exploring the market and the various purchase/lease options. Trevor was very understanding and provided us with all the information we needed. We stopped back later in the week and selected our new vehicle.

They are the only dealer we found that offered a true ZERO down $199.00 a month lease on the Sonata GLS. All that was needed was about $600.00 for acquisition fees and the first month payment.
Throughout the entire acquisition process I was kept updated and informed. The cars are so popular here that I had to wait for the particular color my wife wanted to be delivered. What we expected to be several weeks turned into about 5 days much to our surprise. The entire process was quick and efficient.

When I picked up the car, I was once again impressed by Trevors thoroughness, covering all of the details of the car. While this was going on my new car was being prepped, including a wash and a full tank of gas. After the review of the vehicle we visited the Service Department just so I would feel comfortable when visiting them.

This is my first Hyundai purchase and my first purchase from Superior Hyundai South, and I am sure it won’t be my last. If you are in the market for one of the best selling cars and want a great deal and a great sales associate please visit Superior Hyundai South and Trevor Balsbaugh.

-Dealer Rater


Everybody at the dealership was very helpful. Cindy couldn’t have made the expearance any easier. I just met the parts manager today and he was very much help with me. The fin ace man also held a check for 24 hours when I asked him to. They got the car in a reasonable time .

-John Stewart on Dealer Rater


From the minute I arrived at Superior Hyundai South, I was treated with the best customer service experience. Trevor Balsbaugh who was my sales consultant did a fantastic job of walking me through the specifics of the models & different types of trim available. We test drove a Sonata and again Trevor was very knowledgeable & informative. At no time, did I feel pressured or uneasy & as I indicated to Trevor from the very beginning, I was not going to be purchasing a vehicle that evening.

That weekend, my wife & I returned to Superior Hyundai South & decided to expand our search and test drive a Sante Fe. As difficult it was to not purchase the Sonata, we knew that the Santa Fe was the vehicle for us. The negotiation process which we all dread actually went very well and again at no time did I feel pressured to deal. Hyundai South was very fair on the price of the Santa Fe and we agreed to the purchase. We wanted a blue Sante Fe only to find out that the two remaining ones that were in their data base had been sold earlier in the morning. Sensing our disappointment, Trevor asked if we could hold off until Monday for them to search for a blue Sante Fe. I received a call from Trevor on Monday morning and they had in fact located one in TN & Trevor drove & picked up the vehicle up and it was ready for delivery that same day. Again, excellent customer service.

When I picked up the vehicle, Trevor was very thorough on his explanation of the vehicle and spent a lot of time with me to make sure I was familiarized and comfortable with the features and documentation. He introduced me to the Service Dept Manager & made me aware of that process.

As an added bonus, I traded in my car and had mistakenly left my garage door remote control opener in the car. I felt sure that I was going to have to purchase a replacement but Trevor made a call to the facility where the car had been moved to and asked if they could check in the car. Luckily, they were able to locate it and I have since been able to retrieve the remote.

I would definitely recommend Trevor Balsbaugh as someone who you can work with and learn about what Hyundai has to offer. I also was greeted by the General Manager during a subsequent visit who was very friendly and professional making sure I was satisfied.

As for the Sante Fe, we have less than 1,000 miles on it and I’m experiencing even better gas mileage than advertised and I look forward to having Superior Hyundai South perform service on my vehicle.

-Dealer Rater


Superior Kia:

I spent three weeks gathering information and prices from Kia dealerships in 3 states: Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Superior Kia gave me the best price that I could find anywhere. They were very courteous and did not try to influence me with high-pressure sales. Superior Kia is superior! Make them your first and final stop when purchasing a car! You won’t be sorry.

-Tonya Bishop


I was in the process of buying my first new car. I’ve heard many horror stories about car salesmen and that they will do whatever just to get the sale. So at first I was very apprehensive about the process. After a ton of research, I narrowed my search down to a Hyundai Accent or a Kia Rio so i decided to start going to dealerships and discussing options. Superior Kia was the 2nd place I stopped and Gerald Greene was the first to introduce himself. Of course my guard was up because I had never done this before and I’m young so immediately I thought he would just try to get one over on me. To make a long story short, Gerald told me after I test drove the vehicles that I should go look at other dealerships and their prices and bring it back to him. He said that he could beat it by $200. I went back to Gerald multiple times with lower prices and he delivered and beat them both. He is a very friendly guy and I’ve learned that the stereotype about car salesmen doesn’t exist in Gerald Greene. He was very knowledgable, understanding, and patient with everything. Highly recommend him.

-Dealer Rater


I have never rated a dealership or any type of services before but I thought the outstanding service I got was worth sharing with any potential customer/buyer. The guy’s name is Jason Mersch – the most patient and helpful person you would ever see. Not only did he help me find the car I was looking for but he followed through. He was, has been, and is always there to help out.
I would recommend him to anyone that is looking to buy a car. After all it is not simply about the car but also ones peace of mind. And getting all those after sale services from Jason was a relief. I know at least there is someone who cares and who will help.

Jason: I don’t know if you will ever see my review of you but You are the guy. Thank you so much for all the help.And in french we say: “Mille Merci” which means a Thousand Thanks!

-Dealer Rater


Delorean was great to work with, he is more than attentive and knowledgable about all of the cars KIA offers as well as the competition
He answered every question completely and with great respect for me and my wife
I will definately recommend him to my friends and family that are looking to buy a new or used car!!
As a whole, we were treated very well at Superior KIA and look forward to doing business with them and Delorean and the team in the future
Better take care of this guy Superior, He is a “KEEPER”!!!

-Jim Talbott on Dealer Rater


Mike Albert Direct:

Exceptional Car buying experience. Unlike any other car dealership I have ever been to. Staff was courteous and very helpful with my questions. My salesman didn’t try to pressure me into buying. Researched for many weeks and they had the best selection with the best prices. Have recommended to many of my friends. Thanks Mike Albert


Bob H is a great salesman, I generally don’t care for salesmen but Bob has a great way about him to make others feel comfortable around him.

-Brian on