Going topless in a Honda Hybrid

Ok, now that your mind is out of the gutter. let me introduce you to what is potentially the world’s first convertible hybrid car, the Honda CR-Z. This has been an on-off story for a little while, but Honda’s open-top CR-Z has taken a twist with the unearthing of a scale model that 
could prove the project is back in the pipeline.

Auto Express reports:

Hard-top and convertible CR-Zs were reputedly developed side-by-side, but the latter was dropped in 2009 before it made production. Reports suggest Honda engineers didn’t think the weight needed to strengthen convertible bodyshells suited the car’s sporty character.
However, this model suggests they’ve solved that problem. Taking inspiration from the Honda Open 
Study concept (main picture), which was revealed at 
the 2008 British Motor Show, this CR-Z convertible 
is given a stretched rear to accommodate a weight-
saving canvas roof. There has been no official word from  Honda yet, but a spokesman told us: “Don’t rule it out.”
Having a convertible hybrid in the summer is not only going too help your bank account….you’ll also get a great tan!
If anyone has any more information regarding the Honda CR-Z leave me a comment.

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