Want to see the new re-designed 2012 Honda Civic

Of course you do!

Slated to drop on US shores in 2011, the new Civic has gone through some pretty impressive changes. Check out the video from edmunds.com

The last time Honda redesigned the Civic was in 2006. Five years later, Honda is set to release the 2012 Honda Civic.

For now, the automaker has only provided a sketch of upcoming Civic. The drawing “conveys the sleek and aerodynamic profile of the show vehicle,” says Honda.

“The production version of the ninth-generation 2012 Civic based on the revealed concept will go on-sale in spring 2011. John Mendel, American Honda executive vice president of sales, will introduce the concept vehicle at a press conference.”

Here’s what you’ll be seeing on our lot sooner than later!

Honda is well known for producing quality vehicles, and with affordable small cars offering a complete package of affordability, good fuel economy and jazzy styling, Honda has to keep up with the best of the pack. The 2012 Honda Civic may be even better than its older sibling.

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