A new Honda Fit is coming and it’s all electric

It seems that the dawn of the electric car is now fully upon us as more and more auto makers seem to be putting more fully electric cars into production.  It seems that every day brings more new and exciting news about the future of electric cars with higher speeds and longer range.  Honda is now getting into the full electric market next year with the new Honda Fit EV concept that was recently shown at the Frankfurt Car Show.  Like the other cars that are coming onto the market, this new Fit will save buyers a lot of money normally spent on gas over the life of the car.

One of the biggest issues with these new electric cars is the range you get per charge, but the Honda Fit is expected to get around 100 miles per charge.  While that may not seem like a lot compared to a car that runs on gas, it is easy to do your daily driving and plug in the battery at night giving you the freedom to do your driving without having to watch a gas gauge.  The car is expected to have a maximum speed of 90 miles per hour, which is more than enough for highway driving.  The great part is, even when driving at highway speeds your car will still run silently.

The new Honda Fit EV is expected to begin production soon to be available for next years 2012 model line up in select states with a larger roll out coming later on. While there is no word yet on when the vehicle will be available nation wide, it shouldn’t be too much longer than the initial release.  The only thing that is left to know about the Honda Fit EV is what it will cost which should be known in the coming months.

So keep your eyes open for the new Honda electric car, and be sure to stop by Superior Cars if you need any more information.

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