The Sites Of Cincinnati

New car dealerships in Cincinnati are just waiting to get you on the road for your next adventure and at Superior Cars, the professional staff will have you in a new or pre-owned car in no time flat and ready to see the sites of Cincinnati.

Whether your plans are for a day trip, weekend getaway or extended vacation, Cincinnati offers a variety of entertainment and attractions for singles, adults and families looking for fun morning, noon and night.

Things to do and places to go

  • Kings Island – if theme parks with thrill rides like an 80-mph roller coaster, family rides, entertainment, a huge water park with wave pools and river, 60 dinosaur animatronic exhibits and scrumptious dining options are your cup of tea, Kings Island is the place to be. The park is the Midwest’s biggest amusement and water park.
  • Great Wolf Lodge – adjacent to Kings Island, the lodge is an ideal choice for accommodations. The added attraction of staying at the lodge is access to its 79,000 sq. ft. indoor water park included in the price.
  • Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens – always a treat to see tigers, lions, bears, fish, reptiles and mammals up-close and personal. Add a self-guided tour to see everything the zoo and gardens has to offer.
  • Cincinnati Museum Center – built in 1933 as the Union Terminal train station, the 10-story building houses the Omnimax Theater, Duke Energy Children’s Museum, Cincinnati History Museum and the Museum of Natural History and Science. The center is a National Historic Landmark.
  • Newport Aquarium – take the 9-minute drive across the river to Kentucky and experience the antics of resident jellyfish, gators, stingrays, frogs, penguins, piranha, lizards, snakes and more.
  • BB Riverboats – while in Newport, book a lunch, dinner or sightseeing cruise along the scenic Ohio River. Enjoy a delicious meal or make reservations for a special cruise to a local winery.
  • Riverwalk – the 4-mile path runs along the Ohio River from Cincinnati to Kentucky providing stunning views of the skyline along with shops, dining, children’s areas, monuments and historical sites along the way.
  • American Sign Museum – take the tour and see the many hand carved wooden, gold leaf and electric bulb advertising signs created from 1870 to 1970.

If buying a new, pre-owned or certified Acura, Kia, Hyundai or Honda is on your list of things to do before setting out to see the sites, stop by Superior Cars and check out their impressive inventory of cars that will make travel time anywhere and anytime a real pleasure.

April Cincinnati Events

At the Superior Automotive Group, we like to make sure you have plenty of fun things to do in Cincinnati. So, we have compiled this list of events, all auto-related, that you can enjoy with friends and family.

On April 5-6, the U.S. Bank Arena is holding Monster Jam, which features Monster Jam trucks driven by Randy Brown, the Lucas Oil Crusader driven by Linsey Weenk, the Advance Auto Parts Grinder driven by John Seasock, the Black Stallion driven by Mike Vaters, the Crushstation driven by Gred Winchenbach, and the Iron Warrior, which will be driven by Mike Vaters, JR. On Friday, the gates open at 6:30 PM, and on Saturday there are two shows, one with gates opening at 1:00 PM and the second at 6:30 PM. All seats in the front row are $50, Gold Circle seats are $25, and general seating is $18 for adults and $10 for children. As a special opening price gift, all tickets to the Friday show are only $12, excluding premium seating. You need to buy tickets ahead of time, or there is an additional $2 fee the day of the show.

On Saturday, April 6, pit passes will be available for Party in the Pits. These tickets are just $10 at the U.S. Bank Arena Box Office and at Ticketmaster. To go to the party, you will need an event ticket as well as a pit pass.

For something a little different, you can head to The British Car Club’s site to check out upcoming events. In April, the club will be showing off new vehicles and classic styles in Lewisburg, OH, but they do have a meeting around the middle of the month that is to be announced. 

If you want to support a good cause, you can head to The Cars and Courage show from 12-5PM on Saturday, April 27 in the north parking lot of the Rave Theater on Harrison Avenue. This event is happening for the very first time, and it is a fundraiser for the local fire department to help veterans. The cost to enter a car or to be a vendor is just $10, so if you enjoy selling, this is your chance to do so.

There’s No Place Like Home. Cincinnati Reds Opening Day is Almost Here!

Some consider it the official start of spring. It is baseball’s opening day and believe it or not, it is quickly approaching. For those at our Superior auto dealerships in Cincinnati, it can’t get here fast enough. The disappointing end to last season along with a persistent winter has us all ready for the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd. A filled Great American Ballpark will be a welcomed sight for all.

Opening Day is special throughout all of baseball, but nowhere is it as special as here in Cincinnati. It is special in part because the Reds have not hosted opening day only 4 times in their lengthy history. For 2013, the Reds will again be opening at home. This time opening day has a new twist as the Reds and Los Angeles Angels will meet in the first inter-league opening day game in baseball history. There are those who anticipate the season could end with this very same matchup as both teams could make it to the World Series. That would also be history.

This year’s opener will take place on Monday April 1st, following the traditional opening day parade. The parade steps off at noon and will feature former Reds star George Foster. First pitch is scheduled at 4:10pm. The Angels bring superstar Albert Pujols to Cincinnati along with former Red Josh Hamilton.

The Reds have locked in some key players and the 2013 season is as anticipated as any other. Off-season acquisitions that included outfielder Shin Soo Choo have ramped it up even more. It should be a fun year down by the riverfront and we hope to see you there.

If baseball has you thinking springtime, it may also have you thinking about getting a new car. We invite you out to Superior Acura, Superior Hyundai North or South, and Superior Kia. If you are thinking pre-owned, the place for used cars in Cincinnati is Mike Albert Direct.

Yes, warmer weather will eventually arrive for good. The smell of hot dogs and freshly mowed grass is almost upon us. The sound of cheering crowds and vendors hawking peanuts and popcorn is just days away. It is opening day in Cincinnati, Ohio and there is no place like home.

Tips For A New Driver

I remember when I got my first car: The excitement of driving, the freedom, no more riding the bus, the popularity, the chance to finally prove I was maturing. Well those are all great feelings, but let’s face it I didn’t know the first thing about taking care of my car. Had it not been for my parents I would not have known when I needed new tries, or an oil change.

The first thing you should do is get insurance on your vehicle! Shop a few different insurance companies. I would shop at least 3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and do your research. So you can get the plan that is right for you and the price that best fits you.

The next thing to remember is that keeping your new or used car properly maintained is key. You should never forget to get your oil changed regularly. You should get your oil changed at least every 3,000 miles. It’ll keep your engine running properly and keep your car out of the shop.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on those tires. Proper tire inflation is key to keeping your car in good shape. It can also help reduce the cost of fuel. Keep an eye out for any wear and tear, under inflation, nails, screws etc. Make sure that you are getting your tires rotated on a regular schedule. Usually every other oil change is a good way of timing it out.

Can you think of anything else that’ll help first time drivers? Have any good stories from your first new car?

How to Tell When it’s Time to Buy a New Car

If you’ve been wanting a new car but you never bother to make the trip to the new car dealerships in Cincinnati, chances are that you’re telling yourself that you can’t afford a new ride. That may be the case, but it can also be the case that you can’t afford to keep driving that junky old thing you’re currently pushing. Here are a few ways to tell when your old car is costing you more than your new one would:

You Miss Work on a Regular Basis

Let’s say you miss three days of work every month because of your junky old car. Already, you’re probably losing enough money to cover the new car payments. When your old car is cutting into your income, you know it’s time to swap it in.

You Lose a Tire a Week

Either due to damaged wheels or a bad axle, it’s not uncommon to see your tires popping way more frequently than they should. If you’ve been forced to swap your tires for used ones every five hundred miles, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth the risk.

You’re Spending More on Repairs Than You Do on Rent

Here’s the big one: a busted old car that’s costing you thousands a year in repairs simply isn’t actually saving you money in the long run, it’s costing you more than a new car would.

A good pre-owned car can be just as good as a new car for many drivers, but sooner or later you have to acknowledge that your old jalopy just isn’t cutting it anymore. Junky old cars can be expensive to keep running, they cause more headaches than they’re worth, and worst of all, they’re not even safe. A car that can catch fire or lose a tire at the drop of a hat just isn’t worth the stress. If you’ve been thinking of getting a new car, stop thinking about it and start looking at your options.  We would be happy to help you find the perfect car for you at any of our Cincinnati car dealerships.

Knowing Your Blind Spot Can Save Your Life

The open road can be dangerous. Every day there are an average of 17,589 auto accidents and 3,700 die each day as a result of these crashes. It is estimated that one person dies every 13 minutes as a result of automobile accidents. But by knowing and being aware of your blind spot and learning how to compensate for it, you can avoid being a part of these static.

With rearview cameras and special mirrors, most drivers tend to believe that the infamously dangerous blind spot has been eliminated. But the truth is that most cars still have a blind spot, even if it is a tiny one. Each car has a different blind spots, which is why it is important to check for them every time you get into the car.

What most people don’t know is that your blind spot isn’t something you have only when you are driving. Because of the way your eyes are positioned, people naturally have two blind spots in their vision. This means that if you are staring straight ahead, and someone walks in front of you, their will be two different points when they will be invisible to you. If you keep this in mind while you are driving, you can reduce your chance of having a vehicle literally sneak up on you and blindsided you.

The first thing you need to do is to take a good look around the car before you get in. Make a mental note of all the scenery and objects around the car. Then get in the car and check for all the things you observed before. Adjust your mirrors so that you can see behind you and to the side. Try to to eliminate as much of your blind spot as possible. If you are too short to see properly over the vehicle raise your seat as necessary.

If you have a rearview camera, learn to use it. The camera is no good if you find it disorientating. You should also remember to adjust your mirrors properly, even with the camera. While the camera can be a helpful addition, it is not a replacement for your mirrors.

By properly adjusting the mirrors in the car, and your seat height you can all but eliminate your blind spot while driving. However, you still need to be careful when driving. Make sure to turn your head and look for cars in every direction when making a turn or merging into lane or onto the road.

If you faollow these steps, you can be a good safe driver, and help reduce your chances of being in a dangerous accident.

Do Gas Additives Really Work?

Can you really buy horsepower in a can? Do gas additives really work? The jury still seems to be out on whether, or not fuel additives are worth the money. We know some products for cleaning the carbon from your engine will work, that in and of itself will increase your performance, but is there a magic solution that will rev your engine a little more? The answer is, sadly, probably not.

As I said before, everyone has their own opinion about the products they put in their car to enhance performance. Here’s one:

The best way to keep your car performing like new is to simply take care of it. Adhere to a regularly scheduled maintenance program. Change your oil and the rest of your fluids regularly as well. This isn’t really a recommendation, it’s mandatory. The longer you own a vehicle, the more attention you are going to have to give it. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean relying on mystical fuel additives that promise to roll back the wear and tear on your average engine.

If you have any questions on how you can get the most out of your engine, call or visit any Superior Automotive location.

Air Bag Safety And Children

At the Superior Automotive Group, we take child safety very seriously. As a Cincinnati car dealer, we always want to provide safer solutions for children while they are in your Cincinnati Car. Automakers began installing airbags in cars  in the late ’80′s and there is little doubt that they have saved thousands of lives over the last 30 years.

However, designed to protect average-sized adults, air bags can actually be harmful to young children. In fact, according to research conducted by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, “children exposed to airbags during a crash are twice as likely to suffer a serious injury”  and the American Academy of Pediatrics has stated that, “children under the age of 13 are safest seating in the back seat of a car”.

The following are some safety guidelines for children riding in a car.

  • Infants seated in a rear-facing safety seat should never be placed in the front seat of a car that has an airbag.
  • Children seated in a forward-facing child should not be placed in the front seat of a car that has an airbag.
  • Children 13 and under should ride in the back seat of the car.
  • For children ages 13 and up riding in the front seat remember:
    • All children should wear a lap/shoulder belt.
    • Move the front seat as far back as possible from the dashboard.
    • Make the sure the child doesn’t lean forward.
    • Have the child sit upright against the seat at all times.

Take a look at the  great video on airbags and keeping children safe that was put together by The Children Hospital of Philadelphia

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them here. If you’d like to see your Cincinnati car dealers, the Superior Automotive Group just stop by, we’ll help you look for some really safe and very kid friendly vehicles.

Getting To Know Your Battery

Know your battery. It’s not just a black box that sits in and is hooked up to your car. Consider your battery the the breath of life for your car. It’s the one piece, that without it, renders your car literally, “dead”. If you’ve always wanted to know about how your battery works in your new or used car, truck, or SUV, watch the video below. It will give you so much information about the form and function of your battery.

Now a dead battery is something that you don’t necessarily have to tow you entire car into you Cincinnati Car dealer to have fixed. Silly, I know right? You’d be surprised with what we’ve seen. Just bring your dead battery to any Superior location and we’ll get you the right size and amps you need to get your car rolling again.

If you decide to get your battery from another source, make sure you properly dispose of your old battery. You cannot just throw it in the garbage, you are going t have to take it to a proper dumping facility. Of course, you can avoid all of that by just getting your new battery at any Superior Automotive location.

Relearn The Most Important Driving Skills; Observation, Prediction and Reaction

The more I drive, the more it seems that I pay less attention. I seem to rely on basic driving skills, instinct and feel. I am 100% comfortable with my driving abilities. I understand the physics of my vehicle. I know what a hard braking maneuver will feel like and do. I know how to take tight turns when need be, but, something about my driving has changed. I’ve virtually stopped paying attention.

That’s a hard thing to admit, but it’s true, I’ve stopped a very important mental driving skill as I relied more on technique, for lack of a better word. I’m relaxing. I’m getting in the car and going.  I liken it to jumping into a 200 Hp lounge chair . I’m at my worst as a driver when I find myself  coasting through stop signs that I know I should be coming to a complete stop at. Hey, we’re not all driving angels. However, this recklessly lazy driving is a detriment and kind of dangerous to the rest of the driving community. I’m as guilty as you are of bending the rules and taking silly chances.

What has happened? We’ve actually stopped the act and art of driving and have let muscle memory turn us into passengers. We are all guilty. It is virtually impossible to avoid, especially after the hard days of work and toil. The hum of the engine, the tunes on the radio, that nice reclined seat and slow steadiness of traffic (regardless of how infuriating, when you accept it, it then lulls you to sleep). Shutting off your driving brain.

This is the death of alertness. Is that why you’ve been having more close calls lately, or out right accidents? The simple answer is, “Yes”. There are more people on the road these days, why would it ever compute that the traffic is going to get any lighter? So let’s get even more lazy behind the wheel. “But the traffic…” Oh yeah, the traffic? Don’t hate these testing driving landscapes, use them to sharpen your driving skills. Your dull mental driving skills. This is your chance to lathe the skills that are the core of driving: Observation, Prediction and Reaction.

Put your seat up right, put those hands at 10 and 2 and start observing the environment. Then break apart and predict potential road hazards and react if they are hazardous to you. It’s simple.

We are going to have to deal with added construction as well add more people in our cities. Everyday driving is a test, don’t get too relaxed. The tough part is that it will never end. The sharper you stay, they safer you are going to be. It’s a war out there sometimes. Drunk driving. Dumb driving. Relaxed Driving. Texting and Driving…we’ve never had to be more defensive on the road as we are now. It’s time to start using our heads when we drive these days.