Cincinnati Cars, Can You Really Gain Power With a Fuel Additive

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The video below was produced in England and put the claims about power boosting additives to the test, and the results are rather surprising.

As we suspected, you just can’t buy more horsepower out of a few ounces of liquid.  Now keep in mind that while these tests point to a net loss in power, they actually didn’t test any of the gas saving additives that are on the market. So, I guess we are back where we started, still a little in the dark. If you feel that you are getting the added horsepower or fuel efficiency that you expect, then more power (pun intended) to you. However, Superior STRONGLY  advises that you do your research before you put additives in your vehicle.  The best way to get better mileage and more power would be to buy a higher grade of gasoline.  Of course you can always “buy” more horsepower by purchasing a new vehicle. Swing by Superior Cars and give some of our vehicles a test drive and really increase your power..

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