Going On A Road Trip? Learn How To Pack Your New or Used Car.

It’s important that you know how to pack up your new or used car safely when moving, taking your child to college, or going on a road trip. You don’t want to be driving down the highway and having stuff in the back of your car flying around do you? Better to be safe than lose your luggage on the highway or get hit in the back of the head with something when you hit the brakes.

Here are some simple rules to follow when you are getting ready to pack up your new or used car on your way out of Ohio.

(1) Before you decide  to pack your bags you should clean out the car. Take out all the junk, trash, etc and make sure that your spare tire is in good shape and has the correct amout of tire pressure.

(2) You need to make a list. It helps make sure you are packing everything you will need and will help make sure everything comes back home with you. Make sure you don’t over pack cause the heavier your vehicle is the more gas it sucks up. So save money on gas and pack light.

(3) When you are packing up your new or used car make sure the heaviest items are put as far forward in the cargo area as possible, and keep them on the floor. In all vehicles, and SUVs in particular, it is important to keep the heaviest items towards the center of the vehicle. This will help keep the vehicle steady and your center of gravity lower so your SUV doesn’t rollover or something similar.

(4) You should pack your vehicle backwards. Whatever you will need first is the last thing you pack in the car and vice versa.

(5) Secure any loose items that could fly around during a sudden stop. PLEASE Strap anything down that you think could be an issue. Make sure that you don’t pack things to high in the cargo area because visibility is important when you’re traveling. Especially if it’s an unfamiliar city you are traveling to.

(6) Keep maps, snacks, CD’s, paper towels and the like handy. You don’t want to have to pull over every time one of your family members wants a little snack.

Last but not least…..Be prepared for anything!!

What are somethings you do before packing for a trip or a move?

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