How Do Your Make Your Hyundai More You?

Once you bring your new vehicle home from Superior Hyundai North, you may want to personalize it; and you can do that with accessories from Hyundai. Depending on the model you have, you could add anything from running boards to spoilers to seat covers and more.

Add running boards to an SUV or crossover to give it a different look. Running boards also help people get into the vehicle by giving them a step. Children and older friends and relatives will appreciate the extra step into the vehicle.

Roof racks are great for any vehicle. They allow you to transport bicycles, canoes, skis, or even a tote for more storage space.

Add a spoiler to your vehicle to give an already cool-looking vehicle more “coolness.”

Seat covers protect your investment – they protect the seats from wear and tear and from accidental spills. If you have dogs the seat covers protect the seats from muddy paws, sharp nails and pet accidents.

Floor mats come in many different colors and styles. Choose something with a logo that fits your personality.

For those who are avid hunters for fishers, you can also purchase extras such as seat-back net pockets to hold maps and hunting or fishing gear where it’s in easy reach. Instead of packing that much-needed hatchet in the back with everything else, slip it into a seat-back pocket along with an extra flashlight for easy access.

Dash pads come in many different colors and protect the vinyl dash pad from the sun. Once those crack, they devalue your vehicle and can be difficult to replace. A carpeted dash pad protects the vinyl pad from the sun. If you don’t care for those, find a sun blocker for the windshield. You’ll have to put it up each time you park the vehicle, but it protects the materials inside and helps keep your vehicle cool.

Additional accessories that you may need include sporting accessories such as gun racks and fishing pole racks also give your vehicle some personalization, though you’ll have to visit a sporting goods store to find those items. Everything else is available through Superior Hyundai North. Visit us today to accessorize your vehicle and make it more “you.”

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