Summer Road Trips

It’s fun looking forward to summer road trips no matter which way the road is heading heading out of Cincinnati. Before making a beeline for the highway, there are a few helpful tips you’ll want to consider. First on the list is having a proper ride. This means considering a new, used or certified car from a reputable car dealer Cincinnati business.

Superior Cars Cincinnati is just such a business and one you’ll want to visit before planning summer road trips. With an extensive inventory including Honda, Kia, Acura and Hyundai, you’re sure to find a vehicle to fit your budget and your lifestyle, as well as great service centers to prep your vehicle.

With the right car tuned up and ready to go, you’ve taken the first step in ensuring a safe road trip. Follow these suggestions and you’ll add comfort and convenience to your adventure, as well.


  • Map out your route
  • Bring an atlas or standard map
  • Make reservations for accommodations ahead of time whenever possible
  • Pack light and only what you need

Travel Tips

  • Take breaks to stretch arms and legs
  • If traveling with others, take frequent break gives to give everyone some alone time
  • Drive during early morning hours and dusk when temperatures are cooler
  • Stay hydrated

Bring Along

  • Journals, MP3 players, games, crossword puzzles, sketch book and books on tape
  • Disposable cameras to document your trip
  • Tent, pillow and light blankets just in case you can’t find a room
  • Cooler filled with water, drinks, sandwiches and snacks

To do

  • Enjoy local events
  • Explore areas off the beaten track
  • Mail postcards along the way different locations


  • Fill gas tank when it reaches half full
  • Don’t camp in isolated places
  • Stop at well lit rest stops
  • Don’t leave your car unattended
  • Leave valuables at home

Visit Superior Cars Cincinnati to get rolling on your next adventure in the right direction.



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