Winter’s coming Cincinnati, get your new car ready!

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Go to any New Car Dealership in Cincinnati and, if they’re worth their salt, they’ll say that you shouldn’t wait to get your car ready for the winter months. There are things that you should do to your car to ensure that you will be able to drive your car once the snow starts to fall without getting caught in a freezing situation. The end of fall is the perfect time to do this. It is still nice enough outside that you can work on your vehicle, and it will give you peace of mind when driving on the icy roads that lie ahead.

The first thing you should do get your oil changed. In the last post we talked about what kind of oil is right for your car, so make sure that you are using an oil that is made to handle the cold weather easier. When the temperature drops, the oil in your car starts to thicken which can lead to engine lock-up. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for what kind of oil should be used for your car in the colder temperatures.

When the roads are slushy and covered in salt, it won’t take long for you to realize that you have old worn out windshield wipers. The winter months can be hard on your wipers, so make sure that you change them to a new pair now. The streaks that occur from bad wipers will impair your vision and lead to safety issues. You should also change your wiper fluid to one that can handle sub-freezing temperatures. While you are changing your wiper fluid, you should also check your antifreeze levels in your cooling system.

The other major components you should have checked are your tires and battery. The cold can suck the charge out of your battery, so make sure that you clean them and get rid of any corrosion. Check the tread on your tires and their pressure. If your tires are beginning to look worn down, then get them replaced. You may even want to think about getting winter tires that are made to handle the slick roads. It is easier to get in a wreck and need major repairs if your tires aren’t gripping the road.

Getting your car ready for winter is an important safety tip that should be done now. If you need help getting it checked, then bring it into a mechanic. If your car is going to cost more to get ready for winter then it is worth, then you should come into Superior Cars and start the winter season right with a brand new ride.