Taking Care of Your Vehicle

Whether you have a brand new vehicle from one of the Superior Group dealerships, you just bought a used vehicle from Mike Albert Direct or you have a vehicle that is a few year – or more – older, you have to take care of the vehicle if you want it to last. This means the interior, the exterior and the mechanical components.

Exterior Care

The elements, especially sun and hail, will damage the exterior of your vehicle. You can minimize Mother Nature’s destruction if you care for the exterior of the vehicle. Mud, snow and salty slush also take their toll on your vehicle’s frame and paint. Giving the exterior a good wash every month and waxing the paint at least every couple months helps to increase the life of the paint, including keeping it from fading.

Interior Care

Keep the carpets and upholstery clean so that ground-in dirt won’t destroy them. Also, dashboards tend to crack from the sun. If you use the appropriate conditioner for the dashboard material plus keep a reflective sun shade in the windshield, you’ll save the interior from fading as fast and from cracking. If you or your family drop crumbs or spill anything, clean it up as soon as possible. The acids in some food and drink can damage the materials and fabrics.

Mechanical Care

While keeping your vehicle clean and protected helps keep the value up by maintaining the “curb appeal,” taking care of the mechanics is most important. Bring your vehicle in to our service department for the recommended scheduled maintenance including oil changes, tune ups, timing belt replacement, fluid checks and other checks. Our service technicians will let you know if something needs to be replaced such as a belt that is worn or worn brake pads.

The technicians will also check your fluids and let you know if you have any leaks that need to be repaired. Leaks should be repaired as soon as possible as low fluids will damage parts; and in the case of low oil, the engine could suffer considerable damage.

Call Mike Albert Direct

Call our service department at Mike Albert Direct to make an appointment to service your vehicle or to repair any body damage.

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