What Will You Dangle from Your Rear View Mirror?

There are a lot of fun things out there that you can dangle from your interior rear-view mirror, but some choices are better than others. Here we’ll look at the aesthetic and practical reasons to hang whatever you like from the mirror on your windshield.

Fuzzy Dice

Fuzzy dice are a classic. How’d they catch on? Who knows. Kind of weird when you think about it, right? Why are the dice so big and fuzzy? In any event, fuzzy dice are fun, but they can prove a distraction. If you always find yourself eyeing them while driving around, then you may want to consider getting a smaller pair or replacing them with something else.

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners come in just about every scent imaginable and you should be able to pick one up at the new car dealerships in Cincinnati. From pine to peppermint to pepperoni pizza. Air fresheners can make your car smell fresh or like some fond childhood memory. Some people prefer to scent their car with fine cigars or a girlfriend’s perfume/boyfriend’s cologne, but the classic air-freshener is a great way to do it in a classic, iconic sort of way.

Beads, Tassles and Chains

Anything ropey, stringy or just really long and dangly can add a festive look to your car, just make sure that it’s not going to whip around and hit you in the face on those tight corners. Give your dangler a test drive in a parking lot and see how it reacts. If it flies around wildly then it may be a liability when you’re out on the road.

Finding the decor to suit your car and your personality shouldn’t be difficult, it’s just a matter of finding what works for you. Whether that means a pleasant little scented pine tree or a Halloween decoration you bought last October, it’s all about finding something you like, and that doesn’t distract you from the road. No matter how cool your rear-view hanger may look, driving safe should take precedence.

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