Cincinnati Cars: How Size Impacts Safety Ratings

Acura Dealer Cincinnati, crash test, extended car warranty, Honda Dealer Cincinnati, how much will your car be worth, Hyundai, Hyundai Dealer Cincinnati, Kia Dealer Cincinnati, led headlights, New Car Dealerships in Cincinnati At the Superior Auto Group, we see lots of cars in our collision center — both fixable and the non-operative. Whenever we talk shop, friends as questions like Which ones have sustained the most damage? Which ones dissipated the most energy when involved in a crash? Which vehicle absorbed more force?  The video below shows three front-to-front crash tests, each involving an economy class into a midsize model from the same manufacturers. You’ll see how extra vehicle size and weight enhance occupant protection in collisions.

So the common thought that you are safe in a bigger vehicle is true, that is unless the other vehicle involved in the collision has the same mass and velocity as the one you are traveling in. These tests in the video below are about the physics of car crashes, which prove that very small cars generally can’t protect people in crashes as well as bigger, heavier models.

Now, keep in mind, under no circumstances does this mean that smaller cars aren’t safe. Quite the contrary. Compacts and midsized vehicles are very safe and provide their drivers and passengers with the very latest in crash technology, including the latest advancements in airbag safety.

If you have any questions about the crash test ratings of Honda, Acura, Kia, and Hyundai. feel free to contact and of the Superior Auto Group Locations and we can get you all of the latest…and quite impressive, crash test data.

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