Cincinnati Cars: How Size Impacts Safety Ratings

Acura Dealer Cincinnati, crash test, extended car warranty, Honda Dealer Cincinnati, how much will your car be worth, Hyundai, Hyundai Dealer Cincinnati, Kia Dealer Cincinnati, led headlights, New Car Dealerships in Cincinnati At the Superior Auto Group, we see lots of cars in our collision center — both fixable and the non-operative. Whenever we talk shop, friends as questions like Which ones have sustained the most damage? Which ones dissipated the most energy when involved in a crash? Which vehicle absorbed more force?  The video below shows three front-to-front crash tests, each involving an economy class into a midsize model from the same manufacturers. You’ll see how extra vehicle size and weight enhance occupant protection in collisions.

So the common thought that you are safe in a bigger vehicle is true, that is unless the other vehicle involved in the collision has the same mass and velocity as the one you are traveling in. These tests in the video below are about the physics of car crashes, which prove that very small cars generally can’t protect people in crashes as well as bigger, heavier models.

Now, keep in mind, under no circumstances does this mean that smaller cars aren’t safe. Quite the contrary. Compacts and midsized vehicles are very safe and provide their drivers and passengers with the very latest in crash technology, including the latest advancements in airbag safety.

If you have any questions about the crash test ratings of Honda, Acura, Kia, and Hyundai. feel free to contact and of the Superior Auto Group Locations and we can get you all of the latest…and quite impressive, crash test data.

Cincinnati Cars: Dirty headlights and tail lenses will get you no where!

led headlights, Acura Dealer Cincinnati, extended car warranty, Honda Dealer Cincinnati, how much will your car be worth, Hyundai, Hyundai Dealer Cincinnati, Kia Dealer Cincinnati, New Car Dealerships in CincinnatiAt Superior Automotive Group, we know that our cars and trucks have become more than just transportation. People who own high-end luxury vehicles and even economically friendly cars are inclined to accessorize their new car with the hottest custom lights. The rear lights and headlights are very important to the overall look of your new car. You can either go for the simple Euro lights or choose HOT L.E.D. custom tail lights for your Honda, Hyundai, Acura or Kia. A set of custom rear lights can are considered extremely safe because they are illuminating brighter than regular lenses. Also, brighter taillights during the day provide a higher visibility for braking purposes.

You can make choices easily and order a set back lights for your Honda, Hyundai, Acura or Kia (there are many more manufacturers on line too). The newest fascination with many car owners is L.E.D. tail lights. LED’s are used as back lights replacing regular lenses and standard incandescent bulbs. Many late-model high end cars and SUV’s have these LED rear lights from the factory. You too can get them for your car or truck. Custom L.E.D. tail lights are far brighter than OEM lenses with incandescent bulbs. And, you can install these aftermarket tail light lenses in your new car easily to give it a stylish and sporty look. Plus, L.E.D. Tail light lenses consume much less power and will last for many years.

led headlights, Acura Dealer Cincinnati, extended car warranty, Honda Dealer Cincinnati, how much will your car be worth, Hyundai, Hyundai Dealer Cincinnati, Kia Dealer Cincinnati, New Car Dealerships in CincinnatiWhen purchasing Euro style back light lenses or LED back lights for your car, truck or SUV, keep in mind these taillight lenses are complete sets/pairs and contain the entire housing and outer lenses. Most of them are a simple plug-n-play configuration and will require the removal of the entire old tail light lenses in replacement of the new aftermarket tail light lenses. The new custom LED tail light lenses will have plugs that simply connect to the existing socket. Many aftermarket LED back lights are a snap to install and often take less than 30 minutes to complete the entire process. It’s very easy to do.

Aftermarket Custom back lights are very popular and being used by many people to modify the whole look of their car or truck. Custom tail light lenses come in many colors to choose from and will dramatically change the look of your vehicle! You can choose from red lenses, chrome housings, smoked lenses and black housings for your new tail light lenses.

Just like the back lights, your headlights are very important. As a car or truck owner, you should choose the perfect headlamps for your car.

Many late-model cars, trucks and SUV’s now come with projector headlights. Projector headlights focus the light directly in front of the vehicle to aid in visibility at night. Projector headlights also keep the light away from oncoming traffic to avoid night blindness from other drivers. A new set of stylish angel eye projector headlights will greatly improve the functionality of your ride.
led headlights, Acura Dealer Cincinnati, extended car warranty, Honda Dealer Cincinnati, how much will your car be worth, Hyundai, Hyundai Dealer Cincinnati, Kia Dealer Cincinnati, New Car Dealerships in Cincinnati

Another type of headlight that is available (and is also an economical option), is the euro clear headlights. Euro Headlights are a clean, fast replacement to your old headlights and have better lighting ability. Many old headlight lenses tend to become cloudy over time. Having cloudy headlight lenses will hinder the headlight’s ability to light up the road ahead. Euro clear headlights will use the same bulbs as your regular headlights but will have a better light emission. This translates into more light on the road. Having dull headlight lenses will make your car or truck look weathered and old. New Euro clear headlights will TIGHTEN the look of your new car.

If you have any questions or want to see what we can do, post a comment or swing by your favorite Cincinnati Superior Car Dealer!

Should accident data be available on all Cincinnati cars

It seems logical to Superior that if we have  Black Boxes in airplanes we should have them standard in all of our cars. If something were to happen to a member of my family and they were to die in a car accident, I would want to know what happened. If it was operator error, or if it is the responsibility of the auto maker. Likewise I think my family would want to know what had happened to me in that situation.

An event data recorder or EDR is a device installed in some automobiles to record information related to vehicle crashes or accidents. In modern diesel trucks, EDRs are triggered by electronically-sensed problems in the engine (often called faults), or a sudden change in wheel speed. One or more of these conditions may occur because of an accident. Information from these devices can be collected after a crash and analyzed to help determine what the vehicles were doing before, during and after the crash or event. The term generally refers to a simple, tamper-proof, read-write memory device, similar to the “black box” found on airplanes (as opposed to the tape recorders and video cameras common in police vehicles and many commercial trucks). – Wikipedia

What do you guys think about having an Event Data Recorder in your vehicle? Should this be standard in all vehicles? Superior would like to know what you think. There is no doubt that EDRs can make crash and accident investigations easier for the authorities to reach a conclusion. Of course, as you’d expect, that loudest opponents to such devices in our cars are both those believing that it infringes on our privacy and habitual law breakers. We do understand the privacy issue, but as for those who are more concerned about getting caught while doing something they shouldn’t of because of an EDR, well…I guess, they’ll just have to learn how to be better drivers.

Cincinnati cars: ignoring red light cameras can send you to jail.

Acura Dealer Cincinnati, extended car warranty, Honda Dealer Cincinnati, how much will your car be worth, Hyundai, Hyundai Dealer Cincinnati, Kia Dealer Cincinnati, New Car Dealerships in CincinnatiThere’s no doubt that laws both govern how we drive and dictate the penalties for failure to follow the rules. All of us here at Superior agree those laws are necessary to protect us from the irresponsible actions of others, and of course we also hate that double edged sword when they are applied to us as well. Now there are rogues out there who not only disagree with the law, but also don’t believe that the consequences of breaking a particular law should apply to them. Some of them so flippant that their total lack of respect for the law is almost comical.

I remember hearing this story once about a guy who ran a red light, got caught by the Red Light Camera and was mailed a picture of his car along with a citation. Well, this motorist, in what most have been a moment of profound inspiration, decides to mail in a picture of money to pay his citation. Funny right? Of course it was! Until…a week later, when the police mailed him back. When he opened the envelope, he pulled out a picture of handcuffs. I wonder if he laughed, because I sure did.

I was thinking about that story the other day and decided, “That couldn’t be true.” I checked, which I thought was a long shot, but they are the master debunkers of urban legends, so what the heck, I gave it a shot. Low and behold, this is what I found: Man, doesn’t get away with sending picture of money to pay for citation.

Yes. It was true. What was the lesson we learned here? Yup…cops always have the last laugh.

We’ve all heard our fair share of urban legends. For fun, check out the Autos section and read some of the crazy urban legends you hear about cars. Then swing by Superior and find you the truth behind being Cincinnati’s best car dealer group.


Cincinnati New Car Warranties, how do they work?

extended car warranty, Acura Dealer Cincinnati, Honda Dealer Cincinnati, how much will your car be worth, Hyundai, Hyundai Dealer Cincinnati, Kia Dealer Cincinnati, New Car Dealerships in Cincinnati

An extended warranty could make a huge difference!

One of the questions we get here at Superior is, “Should I get an extended warranty for my new car?”. Without a doubt, you’ve received mail from companies requesting your patronage by adding an extended warranty to the vehicle you currently own. In many cases this has paid off for our customers. If you have been considering purchasing an automobile extended warranty for your new Cincinnati car or truck, there are some important things that you should know. If you are like most people you have spent quite a bit of money to purchase your new or used car, and you may want to consider an extended warranty to protect that investment.

When shopping for an automobile extended warranty, it’s important to have a full understanding of how each warranty program works. While many warranty programs offer the same basic features, upon closer examination you will find that the plans offered by each provider have significant differences. Comparing plans is a MUST! You don’t want to be stuck with coverage that has hidden charges or fees. The warranty is there to make your life easier and get you back out on the road as soon as possible.

If  you’ve done your research and decide to continue your warranty services, one important thing to remember when obtaining any type of auto warranty plan is to select an automobile extended warranty program that not only covers unexpected mechanical breakdowns, but also wear and tear as well. This is important because, if your vehicle breaks down or needs repair, you will simply take your vehicle to an approved service center that accepts the warranty. The service department will repair your vehicle and simply file a claim with your extended warranty provider. However, you have to remember that many automobile extended warranty plans require you to pay a deductible. Not a big deal, but sometimes people forget about it, so just be aware of the requirements that your extended warranty policy warrants.

Again! Do your research and buy your extended warranty from a reputable company. This way you can guarantee that your auto warranty will be accepted at more repair facilities around the country. You never know when or where you may need service. Your extended warranty provider should provide you with a list of locations where you can take your vehicle repaired in the event of a breakdown. In fact, ask your provider if your plan also pays the cost of having your vehicle towed.

It’s essential that you fully understand all the terms and conditions of your warranty before signing anything.

There are a number of automobile extended warranty providers in the marketplace. Your options include brick and mortar providers, or you can purchase your warranty online. Thanks to the Internet, there are websites that can provide you with multiple extended warranty quotes from leading providers. Plus, if you have questions about the plan, there are generally toll-free numbers you can call where you can speak to a representative, or you can correspond via email. That certainly make things easier.

As with any major purchase, it is important for anyone thinking about an extended warranty for their new car to obtain as much information as possible. Compare different companies and plans to make sure you’re getting the absolute best plan at the best price. Choosing the right plan from the right company can save you a lot of time, trouble, and money!

IF you have any questions, any Superior Auto Group Dealer can help give advice on extended warranties and who the better providers are, just give us a call.