Video: Kia Forte Koup! Very Fun!

Here at Superior Kia in Cincinnati we love the new Kia Forte Koup. We’ve had a hard time keeping them on our lot. It seems we aren’t the only ones in Cincinnati that love the Kia Forte Koup. Check out this article that Consumer Reports did on the new Forte Koup. It’s a great car, great price and a great ride.

If you’re looking for a well-equipped and stylish coupe and don’t want to spend too much, check out the Kia Forte Koup, featured in the October issue.

As its name implies the Koup is a two-door version of Kia’s small sedan. Big wheels, a spoiler, and lighted speakers that pulsate to the beat give the Koup a youthful, sporty flavor.

The Forte Koup is enjoyable to drive. Cornering feels crisp, with responsive steering and little body lean. The steering wheel is wrapped in soft leather with red stitching, like the seats. It has a sunroof and Bluetooth audio. And the front seats are pretty roomy, though tall drivers may find head room somewhat tight.

We did find a few nits to pick, though. The ride is stiff and jiggly. The shifter is a little vague. And the interior can be a little loud, especially when you have to rev up the buzzy engine for more power. But it’s not out of line compared with other small coupes.

What do you think about the Kia Forte Koup??


How Does An Automaker Get A IIHS Top Safety Pick? Learn How Here!

Believe it or not there are a lot of factors that go into getting a top safety pick from IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.) I was actually surprised to see how much goes into it and I found this video to be interesting and informative. So, of course I had to share it with you. I think you would be surprised to find that the IIHS has been around for more than 50 years and it’s true that automakers are making cars much much better than they used to. Automakers and working harder and harder every year on keeping you and your family safe while you are driving. Check out this article from them and watch the video. I think you’ll find it just as interesting as I did!

27 winners of 2010 TOP SAFETY PICK award; new requirement to win is good rating for protection in rollovers

ARLINGTON, VA — Nineteen cars and 8 SUVs earn the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s TOP SAFETY PICK award for 2010. For the first time, good performance in a roof strength test to measure protection in a rollover is required to win. TOP SAFETY PICK recognizes vehicles that do the best job of protecting people in front, side, rear, and now rollover crashes based on good ratings in Institute tests. Winners also must have electronic stability control, which research shows significantly reduces crash risk. This is the second time the Institute has tightened criteria since announcing the first recipients in 2005.

Full text of release at

Here are the cars that you can find at your local Superior Automotive Group Dealership that earned a 2010 Top Safety Pick from IIHS.

Small cars
Honda Civic 4-door models (except Si) with optional electronic stability control
Kia Soul

Small SUVs
Honda Element

Well, what did you think? I thought it was great!


Get The First Look At The All New Kia Optima!

At Superior Kia we are very excited about getting the all new 2011 Kia Optima. This car will blow you away! It’s sleek, stylish and one of a kind. I came across a Consumer Reports story on the all new Optima today and I thought that you would like to get a first look at the Kia Optima. Check it out! You won’t be disappointed. When these new cars start arriving in your local Cincinnati Kia dealers lot you cab be rest assured we will let you know so you can come test drive one.

Mechanical sibling to the laudable 2011 Hyundai Sonata, the redesigned 2011 Kia Optima seeks to offer more room, equipment, and power than before, and do so at an aggressive price.

Compared to the 2010 model, the Optima wheelbase is three inches longer, the cabin is wider and more spacious, and the new 2.4-liter, direct-injected four-cylinder engine provides 200 hp, more than the previous car’s optional V6. The styling is bolder and less bland, and distinctly different from the Sonata. The Optima now looks more coupe-like, with a sloping roof and a wide rear roof pillar. From some angles, especially the rear, it looks like a modern Jaguar. Like the Sonata, the Optima looks a lot more expensive than it actually is.

Instead of a V6, the up-level engine is a turbocharged version of the 2.4-liter four-cylinder, good for 274 hp. A hybrid version of the Optima will come next year.

Anxious to get seat time in this promising new model, we recently borrowed one.

Our first impressions, as you can see in the video, are that this car unsurprisingly drives much like the Sonata. Handling is responsive and the ride is controlled. The base four-cylinder motivates the car well.

The interior is very well-trimmed, with lots of soft-touch and stitched details. Most controls are simple, but the touch-screen navigation radio adds some complication. Driver visibility to the sides and rear is compromised, a trade-off for the coupe-like styling.

We plan to purchase an Optima when it goes on sale this fall.

All though they were a little touchy on the navigation system I think this was all in all a really good review. What do you guys think?


Do You Think There Should Be A Special Lane For Reckless Drivers?


Is Your Air Conditioning On The Fritz? What To Look For!

It’s that time of the year when it’s getting a little warm outside. Is your air conditioner is your car working properly? I only ask cause mine was on the fritz last weekend and after a little work I figured out what the problem was. I am now back to driving in my car without sweating! It’s greatness!

Here are a few things that you should look for so you can figure out why your A/C is acting up. Courtesy of No one wants to be without an A/C. Of course if you don’t want to work on your new or used car by yourself we are happy to help you out. Just let us know.

Here’s what to look for:

Note: Always be extremely careful any time you’re under the hood while the engine is running. Stay away from all rotating components with your hands, clothing, and hair, and always wear eye protection around a running engine.

1. Are A/C component mounting bolts in place and tightly secured?

2. Are caps installed on the A/C system service ports? This keeps out dirt, and also provides a seal for refrigerant.

3. With the engine running, does the compressor clutch engage when the A/C is switched on? If it doesn’t, this usually indicates a low (or empty) refrigerant condition, or an electrical problem. Also, listen for rapid clicking or cycling noises at the compressor when the A/C is switched on. If this is happening, it could also indicate low refrigerant or some other problems. Have it checked by your service technician. (Note: Some A/C systems prevent compressor clutch engagement in low temperatures, typically at or below 40° F.)

4. With the engine running and the A/C switched off, listen for knocking or rumbling sounds in the vicinity of the compressor. These could indicate a failing compressor clutch, and/or loose mounting hardware.

5. Check all belts for cracks, wear, and glazing. Have them replaced at the first sign of any of these conditions. Also, check for belts that vibrate while the engine is running and the A/C is on. This may indicate a belt that needs to be tightened, or a defective automatic belt tensioner.

6. Examine all A/C and cooling system hoses for cuts, abrasion, weak spots, and signs of leakage. Leakage from A/C system hoses is often indicated by an accumulation of dirt and oil, particularly at connections and fittings.

7. Make sure the condenser (in front of the radiator) is free of any obstructions, such as leaves or insects. This could reduce airflow, resulting in reduced A/C performance. You can rinse the condenser clean with a garden hose.

Seriously let us know if you need any help with your A/C. We are here for you.


Check Out The 2011 Kia Sportage!

Thanks to Car Of The Future for letting us know we won’t be getting this new Kia early :) ha. You better know that your Cincinnati Kia dealer will keep you posted on it’s anticipated arrival date!

Kia’s all-new Sportage SUV is scheduled to go on sale 1st August. 

At first, the Sportage will be offered with the 2.0 litre CRDi engine; each of the first all wheel drive Sportages in the UK will be badged First Edition. The 2.0 CRDi will average 47.1mpg and emit 156g/km of CO2. The First Edition models will feature leather interior w/ heated front seats, dual zone climate control, automatic wipers & headlamps, 18” alloy wheels and LED daytime running lights. Upto 5 exterior colours will be available, along with a choice of an automatic or manual transmission. 

What are you looking forward to with this new Kia Sportage? Is it the sleek new design? Is it the interior that will compete with any SUV on the market? All I know is I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of this thing!


What’s Coming In The Future For Kia?

What is coming in the near future to Kia? What’s leaving? I will tell you this much I am very excited about all the news things coming to Kia. Thanks to Kia-World for sharing this story. Kia has had a great year with the new Kia Sorrento and the all new Kia Forte but I think you will be excited about what could be coming to your local Cincinnati Kia dealer. Some of these new cars are meant for Europe only. That just makes me sad. 

New Kia Picanto: Next-generation Picanto is scheduled to go on sale in Europe late next year. It will be available as a three door or five-door model. The model will grow in size and will be much safer than existing Picanto (note: the current model only got three stars at EuroNCAP crash tests).

Powertrain updates will include a brand-new three-cylinder turbocharged engine with up to 110 horsepower. An all-electric Kia Picanto is also set to debut within three years, according to latest rumors. Expect the new Picanto to look as stylish as other latest Kia vehicles!

Next-generation Kia Rio: Kia Rio is expected to debut in spring 2011. There are not much of information available at this point except of that Kia will call the model K2 in Korea.

All-new Kia cee’d: The most-popular Kia vehicle in Europe will undergo a major redesign within two years. It will feature new three- and four-cylinder engines, as well as a diesel-hybrid powertrain. Dual-clutch gearbox will also be available according to sources close to Kia.

Kia Forte 5-doo hatchback: Following the Forte four-door sedan and sporty two-door Koup is the five-door Kia Forte. Exhibited for the first time at the New York auto show in April, the Forte hatch brings the long-awaited 6-speed automatic transmission to the Forte range. Hopefully, the 6-speed automatic gearbox will soon appear in other two Kia Fortes.

2011 Kia Optima: Unveiled at New York auto show, the all-new Optima is scheduled to hit the US-market in the second half of the year. The all-new mid-size sedan from Kia Motors is set to take on hot-selling 2011 Hyundai Sonata sedan and other established nameplates, including the Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.

Probably, the hottest-looking Kia sedan ever, the Optima features highly advanced powertrain technology such as brand-new 6-speed automatic gearbox and new 2.4L four-cyl. engines with gasoline-direct-injection technology for improved performance and fuel-efficiency. Turbo engine as well as hybrid powertrain will be available for the first time in a Kia vehicle sold on the US soil.

2011 Kia Sportage: Another hot-looking Kia vehicle headed for its US sales debut. Coming to the showroom floor this fall, the new Sportage is another embodiment  of Kia’s whole new family-look pioneered by the brand’s design guru Peter Schreyer and Kia’s entire design team.

2011 Kia Soul: The multiple award-wining crossover will not receive any major styling updates for the 2011 model year. However, it is very likely the 2011 Kia Soul will receive vastly improved powertrain technology, including new 2.0L four-cylinder engine coupled to a six-speed automatic tranny.

Let us not forget about Kia Soul’ster pick-up as we might see it debuting by the end of 2011 or early in 2012.

Kia K9: The Hyundai Genesis sedan based Kia luxury car. Its only a rumor for now, but some people say there’s a market for a luxury Kia vehicle. What do you think?

Kia coupe: It will most probably happen after-all. According to British magazine Autocar, Peter Schreyer’s been pushing Kia to add such vehicle to its vehicle line-up: sources say the coupe would be based on the Kee concept revealed in 2007 and built on the platform used by the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. A perfect combination!! Add a cabrio variant and we have a new dream sports car.

Well… What are you excited about seeing? I want to know! 


You Can Improve Your New or Used Car With Car Accessories Cheaply!

Sometimes you just want to boost the look of your new or used car. But how? Budgets are a little tighter these days than they have been in years passed and if you know what to look for you can improve the look of your car for cheap. Accessories can sometimes be expensive but thanks to Car Accessories Magazine and their tips you can get organized and looking good again in no time at all. It can be expensive to replace the carpet in your new or used car but you can get some really good looking floor mats for cheap. Check out these tips. 

A cheap and easy solution to add design and sophistication to your car is by using a few car interior accessories. These products are a practical way to personalize your vehicle for whatever reason you see fit. Since there are many different items on the market, this makes it easy to choose the style and colors you prefer.

For individuals who spend most of their time driving to and from events, it’s no wonder you would prefer your vehicle to be a representation of who you are. Whether it’s driving the kids to soccer practice, commuting to and from the workplace, or simply a run to town, adding these car interior accessories is an inexpensive way to show off your style.

A fun and creative method is seat coverings. Not only do they hide stains, tears, or other damages, but they’re an excellent reason to add a new look. There are many varieties available which makes the possibilities endless. Choose a material and color scheme that works for you and simply apply them to your old seats. Fabrics that are comfortable throughout the year are a great idea. Some are even sold in fade resistant varieties. To prevent conflict, measure your seats ahead of time to figure out which size works best.

The carpeting inside your vehicle can be costly to replace. Floor mats are inexpensive and easy to install than new carpet. This is ideal for those who are working with a set budget. They are available in different colors and materials and offer protection against muddy shoes.

To prevent clutter and an overall messy vehicle, you must be organized. There are many products available to assist you with this goal. To keep CD’s safe, place them in a CD case that is designed for this purpose. A holder that attaches to your visor is idea for those who need an easy reach. To prevent spills from drinks, purchase a drink holder. These are available if you are lacking one in your car.

Catch any trash that adds up on a routine basis by adding a small trashcan. This is a convenient method and can be used to throw away any food containers, drinks, and paper products. Instead of these items ending up on the floor or dashboard, they are stored neatly in the trash.

Use compartment organizers to hold toys, books and games, and other products that you need inside your vehicle. They are sold in a variety of stores and keep items safe. This is a good idea so you can have them on hand when they are needed.

Buy a small book that holds all critical documents such as your car’s registration papers, proof of insurance, etc. These are made especially for these items and will keep them organized. This prevents them being thrown into the glove compartment.

To keep the temperature down and prevent your dashboard and seats from cracking, get shades for your vehicle. This will keep sunlight out and reduce the amount of heat inside. Many different makes and colors are available and sold in stores.

Many items are available to the consumer. In order to get the best deals, shop around and compare deals. This will give you a general idea to what you’re exactly looking for. Car interior accessories are an excellent way to show off your stylish side and practicality.

What do you think of these tips? Do you have any you would like to share? Feel free to send them over. 


Watch Your Speeding. Cops in Ohio can give tickets on guesstimating now.

Have you guys heard this yet? I saw this on the news the other night and then today I found this story that lays it all out. I thought I’d share it with you so that when you are driving around Cincinnati in your new or used car you can be a little more vigilant about your speed. Tickets are a pain in the bum.

Here’s the story from Patrick O’Donnell, The Plain Dealer.

It’s all guessing.

Or, as the man in charge of police training standards for the entire state puts it, “dead reckoning.”

New police officers in Ohio receive no scientific training in estimating speeds of drivers in basic training. There’s no timing of cars over fixed distances, no special methods of determining an actual speed, nothing with stopwatches.

There is just a repetition of watching cars go by and guessing speeds, then seeing how the guesses matches up with what the radar says.

“There is no formula to apply,” said Robert Fiatal, executive director of the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission. “It’s kind of a dead-reckoning kind of thing.”

An Ohio Supreme Court ruling Wednesday made a police officer’s visual estimate of speed enough to make a speeding ticket stick. Though that had been the case in most of the state, the appeals court covering Cuyahoga County had required more than an officer’s guess: radar readings or comparing a vehicle’s speed to the speedometer reading in a police cruiser.

The court ruled that an officer’s estimate can hold up all by itself if an officer is trained by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy or a similar academy and has experience gauging speeds.

The number of states that use that standard could not be determined Wednesday. Pennsylvania and Nebraska require more than just a visual speed estimate, though officers in those states have leeway to say a vehicle was traveling at an unsafe speed.

The Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission sets standards that all students in the more than 70 police academies in the state must meet to graduate. Officials from the police academies in Cleveland Heights and at Cuyahoga Community College each said they use the state curriculum.

Cleveland Heights Lt. Larry Shaffer said officers are taught to track – follow behind — vehicles suspected of speeding to determine speed, but the required state training allows a reasonable estimate.

“Before you would be certified you have to be fairly accurate with the naked eye,” he said.

Visually estimating the speed of vehicles is only a small part of a five-hour unit on speed, which also includes lessons on stopping distance, benefits of speed enforcement, types of speed laws, how to track a given vehicle and how to fill out a traffic ticket.

Traffic radar used to be part of basic training for all officers, but each department now trains its own officers in using the radar or laser system it owns.

State standards call for students to use four principles to estimate vehicle speeds: their own knowledge and experience in watching traffic, watching vehicles move past stationary objects, seeing if a vehicle is moving in an unusual way like bouncing or the driver is driving erratically.

But the required curriculum doesn’t tell students how to determine a specific speed using those principles.

Instructors must take students to areas with different kinds of traffic and have them estimate speeds. The instructor would use radar on the vehicle so the student can compare results.

“You just refine that and refine that by looking at the radar,” Fiatal said.

Standards call for students to estimate speeds of 20 vehicles and the instructor to calculate the difference between the estimate and the actual speed. Students pass if the average difference is five miles per hour or less.

Fiatal said that training is “certainly a start” for new officers to learn to estimate speeds. He said when they learn to use radar they will have more chances to measure their impressions against radar readings. As they gain more experience, guesses will be more educated.

What do you guys think? I want to hear your opinions.


The Top 30 Ugliest Cars Ever.

Do you love cars? Do you drive down the highway just looking at the nice, beautiful new cars passing by? If you do you notice the UGLY ones. They make your eyes burn. You feel bad not only for the person that’s driving it but for the person who designed it. You wonder to yourself….What were they thinking when they built that thing? I know you’ve probably seen the American made ugly cars but have you seen the ones built over seas? Some of those are down right horrible. Thanks to AutoBlog for sharing this video of the Top 30 UGLIEST cars of all time. It’s hysterical to see some of these cars.

Here is the list in alphabetical order:

  • AMC Gremlin
  • AMC Pacer
  • Aston Martin Lagonda
  • Aurora
  • Citroen Ami 6
  • Corbin Sparrow
  • Fiat Multipla
  • Ford Edsel
  • Ford Scorpio
  • G-Wiz
  • Hua Detroit Fish
  • Kia Opirus / Amanti
  • Lamborghini LM 002
  • Lightburn Zeta Sports
  • Mini Marcos
  • Nissan Cube
  • Nissan Micra C+C
  • Nissan S-Cargo
  • Pontiac Aztek
  • Reliant Bond Bug
  • Scangyong Rodius
  • Sebring-Vanguard citiCar
  • Skoda Roomster
  • Subaru Baja
  • Subaru Tribeca
  • Suzuki X-90
  • Tang Hua Book of Songs
  • Tang Hua Piece of Cloud
  • Volkswagen Thing
  • Zap Xebra Electric Truck
  • What do you guys think? Are they missing any cars that should be on the list? Or are there cars that should not have made the list?