The Top 30 Ugliest Cars Ever.

Do you love cars? Do you drive down the highway just looking at the nice, beautiful new cars passing by? If you do you notice the UGLY ones. They make your eyes burn. You feel bad not only for the person that’s driving it but for the person who designed it. You wonder to yourself….What were they thinking when they built that thing? I know you’ve probably seen the American made ugly cars but have you seen the ones built over seas? Some of those are down right horrible. Thanks to AutoBlog for sharing this video of the Top 30 UGLIEST cars of all time. It’s hysterical to see some of these cars.

Here is the list in alphabetical order:

  • AMC Gremlin
  • AMC Pacer
  • Aston Martin Lagonda
  • Aurora
  • Citroen Ami 6
  • Corbin Sparrow
  • Fiat Multipla
  • Ford Edsel
  • Ford Scorpio
  • G-Wiz
  • Hua Detroit Fish
  • Kia Opirus / Amanti
  • Lamborghini LM 002
  • Lightburn Zeta Sports
  • Mini Marcos
  • Nissan Cube
  • Nissan Micra C+C
  • Nissan S-Cargo
  • Pontiac Aztek
  • Reliant Bond Bug
  • Scangyong Rodius
  • Sebring-Vanguard citiCar
  • Skoda Roomster
  • Subaru Baja
  • Subaru Tribeca
  • Suzuki X-90
  • Tang Hua Book of Songs
  • Tang Hua Piece of Cloud
  • Volkswagen Thing
  • Zap Xebra Electric Truck
  • What do you guys think? Are they missing any cars that should be on the list? Or are there cars that should not have made the list?

The Scariest Special Edition Kia Ever!

So we have seen a few special edition Kia Soul’s already this year. Check this one out though! It may be just the beginning of summer but this special edition Kia Soul is called the “Soul Ghost.” Have you test driven the Kia Soul yet? Visit your local Cincinnati Kia dealer to test drive the Kia Soul.

Here’s a little blurb about the Soul Ghost from Autoblog:

Kia just announced a new special-edition Soul. The Ghost Soul will join the likes of the Shadow Dragon Soul,Denim Soul and Ignition Soul as the last of four unique takes on the Korean automaker’s quirky people mover. The changes to the base car are fairly subtle and include a new fender vent and rear spoiler, along with a smattering of chrome accents and snappy-looking 18-inch wheels. Inside, buyers can look forward to a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, along with heated, leather-trimmed seats that replace the stock buckets.

The Ghost Soul is based on the Soul+, but throws in an Audio Upgrade Package for good measure, meaning that the additional center speaker and subwoofer come standard. Final pricing sits at $20,185, not including destination, and the company says that the Ghost Soul is available at dealers right now.

What do you guys think? I think it’s awesome!

Is Your New or Used Car Smelling Bad?

Have you been driving around lately feeling like an odd smell is following you around? You may wonder if anyone else can smell you driving down the highway. Well it could be a number of things. I’m not blaming it on you….It’s more than likely your car. It could be one of these problems.

Do you smell gasoline? Well that could be a defective evaporation control canister; leaking or disconnected vapor or fuel line.

Do you smell exhaust in the car? It’s more than likely a puncture in the exhaust pipe under the passenger compartment.

Burning Rubber? It’s probably a hot tire more than likely from a locked brake shoe. Or it’s the rubber hose coming in contact with your hot engine. Either one.

Smell burning plastic? It could be a short circuit in your electrical system.

Now if you smell rotting food. Check under the seats. You’ve left some trash behind….

Why You Should Always Wear A Seat Belt In Your New Or Used Car

Did you know that 63% of people killed in car accidents are not wearing their seat belts? A car accident can happen anywhere, at anytime. Statistics even show that males between the ages of 18 and 25 are the least likely to wear their seat belts. There has to be more done than just education. It’s very important that you talk to your kids about wearing there seat belts, you show them videos, you let them know what the consequences are. Your kids wont wear a seat belt if you don’t. So set an an example early. Nothing is worth risking the life of your child or someone else’s child.

Here’s a video from Consumer Reports that shows why you should embrace the use of your seat belt.

Ever Been Asked To Co-Sign On A New Car Loan?

Has anyone ever asked you to co-sign for a loan for them? Maybe a relative? Or even a friend? Have you been thinking about doing this for that person? Before you decide, you need to make sure that you are fully aware of what this entails.

You must have 100% trust and confidence in your friend or relative that you are about to co-sign for. If something were to go wrong it could have dire effects on you and your credit. In other words if your friend or relative can not make the payments then the bank turns to you and you must make the payments. You have to be willing to make those payments should anything happen. You need to do your research and before you make a decision you should think about all of the things that could happen. It is a huge responsibility to co-sign for a loan on a new car for a friend or relative.

Check out the Federal Trade Commission facts for consumers when co-signing for a loan for more information.

Does Your Used Car or Truck Need Some New Life? Try Seat Covers

Your car or SUV or truck is your baby. You love it. You want to keep as long as  you can. You can’t imagine life without it…. However, lately it seems your seats have been falling apart at a rapid pace.  Your seats have endured spills, friction, and life on the road. What are you going to do? Well the answer is simple. Seat Covers… They are a very inexpensive way to add some new life to your seats and your car. Here’s why it’s ideal over getting your seats recovered.

(1) Well for one they are affordable. All you need to do is a little research and you will find that new seats covers of all varieties is pretty cheap.

(2) You have sooo many options. Many different colors, material, fabric, designs. Way more options then just recovering them.

(3) You get a fresh new look. Just a little change to the seat covers could potentially give you a brand new looking interior.

(4) More protection. You don’t want your seats to get worse right? Protect your seats from those spills and if you do spill something the seat cover can be washed!

(5) You can also show your personality and style more. If you’re a big Jeff Gordon fan maybe Jeff Gordon seat covers are the way to go. Just think of the possibilities.

If you have any pictures of your seat covers send them over to us. We some crazy looking seat covers.

Rotating Your Tires On Your New Or Used Car

Did you know that rotating your tires is very important? Do you know why? Do you know how often this should be done? There are a few very important reasons.

The benefits of tire rotation can be seen in several different ways. Rotating your tires can preserve balanced handling and traction and even out tire wear. Most mechanics say that you should have your tires rotated every 7,500 miles, or every other oil change. If you only get your oil changed every 10,000 miles then you may want to get your tires rotated at every oil change.

The rotation pattern is typically moving the back wheels to the front, and the front to the back, but crossing them when moving to the back. If the tires are unidirectional, the rotation can only be rotated front to back on the same side of the vehicle to preserve the rotational direction of the tires. Most unidirectional tires can be moved from side to side if they are remounted; tires with asymmetric rims are a rare exception. More complex rotation patterns are required if the vehicle has a full-size spare tire that is part of the rotation. – Wikipedia

It may be time for you to get your tires rotated but if you aren’t sure you can ask your mechanic or bring your car in to us and we’ll let you know.

Learn How To Drive On Black Ice In Your New or Used Car

We should all know how to drive on black ice but just in case you need a refresher course, or want to share some tips with your teens here are a few tricks to avoid ending up on top of a curb, car, or ditch while attempting to drive on black ice, or ice in general.

When your car starts to slide on black ice, take your foot off the gas. Go extra slow when you’re driving on black ice or in any other winter road conditions. The last thing you want to do is hit the gas or the brake. Just don’t panic.

Look for and be aware of trouble spots ahead like bridges etc. If you have an idea that there may be black ice ahead (if you see other cars fish tailing and sliding, for example), downshift to a lower gear before you come onto the black ice. It’s good to be prepared. Seeing as our winters are usually pretty crazy chances are you know where the trouble spots are but there could always be new ones.

Turn the wheel in the direction of the skid in the event your car does begin to slide around on the ice,. This is very hard to remember when you are sliding all over the road but this helps steer your car back on the right track.

Don’t tailgate, be sure you keep plenty of space between your car and the car in front of you. Stay well behind the car in front of you (at least a couple of hundred feet). Just cause you think you can handle doesn’t mean they can.

You are not invincible just because you drive a truck or a big SUV. While 4-wheel drive vehicles are great for driving in heavy snow, you’re on your own when it comes to driving on black ice. In fact, 4-wheel drive vehicles have no advantage over regular cars when it comes to driving on black ice, so be sure to take the necessary safety precautions no matter what type of vehicle you are driving.

For more tips visit: How To Drive On Black Ice

Just be smart out there and be safe….

What Is Wrong With Your New Or Used Car?

You may have no idea what’s wrong when your new or used car starts acting up. It can be annoying, and it can even be a little scary. How many times have you taken your car in to the shop and you were just stunned into silence? It’s very important when you take your new or used car into the shop you can understand what the technician is telling you and you are able to explain to him the problem that is going on. You need to speak like a technician! Here are a few tips to help figure out your new or used car’s problem.

What are the Symptoms:  How is your cars driving performance? Is it rattling? Are there odd smells coming from the engine? Is anything leaking etc? Write down everything that is going on with your new or used car before you take it to the shop. That information is vital for the technician.

Previous Issues: Has your new or used car had issues in the past? Make sure you take with you the past receipts and paperwork of work done on your new or used car. It’s possible that the previous shop missed something or mis-diagnosed the problem.

Give Descriptions: Make sure that you are clear with your explanation to the technician. Make sure you use words like “passenger side” and “driver’s side” instead of “right” and “left” when describing what the symptoms are. Those are important when describing the issue. You don’t want to confuse the technician do you?

Confusion: When the technician comes back with an explanation of your new or used cars issues, don’t be afraid to ask him to explain it more thoroughly if you are confused at all. You need to be informed at all times.

Repairs: When the repair order is given to you make sure that you understand what is about to happen to your new or used car. If you don’t know how much money, time, and effort goes into changing a starter or a alternator you better ask for a thorough explanation. Just make sure you are aware of everything that is going on so you or the technician will not be surprised by something later on down the road.

Do you have any good tips? Feel free to send them to us.

How To Get Your New Car Or Truck Organized In A Flash

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep your new or used car organized and clean. If you are a commuter sometimes you may eat on the run and trash can pile up. A messy car is gross, it’s uncomfortable, embarrassing, it could even damage the resale value.  If you have a lot of junk or stuff lying around should know that if you came to a sudden stop or were in an accident, these items can quickly become flying objects that could hurt you or your passengers. It’s not safe at all.

Here are some tips to getting your car clean and organized.

(1) Start by taking everything out of your new or used car. Car seats, stuff in side pockets, glove compartment, trunk, everywhere, take it all out. Analyze everything and immediately trash anything that does not need to go back in the car. If you bring a snack or a can of soda in the car, take it out with you when you leave or keep a plastic sack with you in the car and when that sack gets full of trash you dump it out and get a new one. Simple and easy.

(2) Your glove compartment, should house your owners manual, and possibly a flash light for emergencies as well as your registration and insurance information, pad of paper and a pen.

(3) A box of baby wipes is essential and very handy for those time when you need to clean up a spill or clean up after eating a meal on the go.

(4) Side pockets and behind the front seats are good places to store CD’s and maps etc. Use them wisely.

(5) Keep the car looking and feeling neat with vacuuming regularly.

(6) If you carry a laptop or other materials back and forth to work everyday you should consider buying something to tie them down in the back seat or trunk so that they don’t become flying objects hurting you or damaging them.

If you have any other tips feel free to email them to me.