Dead battery? Try Charging it before replacing it.

If you’ve ever been stuck with a dead battery, you know how miserable it is. But don’t worry, help is on the way…and no, it’s not the tow truck. It’s a battery charger! The best way to avoid any unforeseen problems is to avoid them altogether right? So, keeping your battery in good condition is one way to “avoid” one such “unforeseen problem”. Got it?

Let’s say you accidentally left your interior lights on all night and you wake up to find that you have a dead battery, what do you do? Without a battery charger, you call into work and burn a personal day in hopes of getting a jump from a neighbor or a new battery. With a battery charger, well you get to save that personal day for a time when you really want to play hooky. Let me tell you, for around $50, it’s worth it and you’ll get a pretty decent charger to boot!

How does a charger work? Check out the video.

How easy is it to use? This easy.

Of course, there could also be other reasons why your battery is discharging faster than usual or not having enough juice to turn the starter, and that is a bigger issue. I’d advise you take your car to your mechanic if your battery issues become problematic.

Get The First Look At The All New Kia Optima!

At Superior Kia we are very excited about getting the all new 2011 Kia Optima. This car will blow you away! It’s sleek, stylish and one of a kind. I came across a Consumer Reports story on the all new Optima today and I thought that you would like to get a first look at the Kia Optima. Check it out! You won’t be disappointed. When these new cars start arriving in your local Cincinnati Kia dealers lot you cab be rest assured we will let you know so you can come test drive one.

Mechanical sibling to the laudable 2011 Hyundai Sonata, the redesigned 2011 Kia Optima seeks to offer more room, equipment, and power than before, and do so at an aggressive price.

Compared to the 2010 model, the Optima wheelbase is three inches longer, the cabin is wider and more spacious, and the new 2.4-liter, direct-injected four-cylinder engine provides 200 hp, more than the previous car’s optional V6. The styling is bolder and less bland, and distinctly different from the Sonata. The Optima now looks more coupe-like, with a sloping roof and a wide rear roof pillar. From some angles, especially the rear, it looks like a modern Jaguar. Like the Sonata, the Optima looks a lot more expensive than it actually is.

Instead of a V6, the up-level engine is a turbocharged version of the 2.4-liter four-cylinder, good for 274 hp. A hybrid version of the Optima will come next year.

Anxious to get seat time in this promising new model, we recently borrowed one.

Our first impressions, as you can see in the video, are that this car unsurprisingly drives much like the Sonata. Handling is responsive and the ride is controlled. The base four-cylinder motivates the car well.

The interior is very well-trimmed, with lots of soft-touch and stitched details. Most controls are simple, but the touch-screen navigation radio adds some complication. Driver visibility to the sides and rear is compromised, a trade-off for the coupe-like styling.

We plan to purchase an Optima when it goes on sale this fall.

All though they were a little touchy on the navigation system I think this was all in all a really good review. What do you guys think?

Did You Build An Electric Car In High School? Watch this!

Um…. I don’t even know what to say. I am astounded that some high school kids could put together an electric car. Kids are just so much smarter and learn so much more than we did back in my day. This is simply amazing. I found this story and video on Edmunds and I just had to share with you guys cause it is amazing. Talk about 1st place at the science fair!!

When we were in high school we built a birdhouse. It didn’t last the winter and almost certainly took the lives of a young family of Cardinals. The kids from DeLaSalle charter high school? Yeah, they took a 2000 Lola Indy chassis, put a lightweight plastic skin on it that would make the Mazda Furai blush and then made it electric. Oh, and then took it around Bridgestone’s proving grounds — using Bridgestone Ecopia EP100 low-rolling resistance tires– where they managed to get the equivalent of 300mpg. The Guinness Book of World Records is currently reviewing the claim.

Still think your game-winning touchdown junior year was cool? Right?

What do you guys think? Could you have made this when you were in high school? I’d like to see you try!!

Do You Think There Should Be A Special Lane For Reckless Drivers?


Get to school on time in this school bus! A must see video!

This just might be one of the craziest things I have ever seen. Yes, just in case you were wondering that is a jet powered school bus. Talk about getting to class on time. No worries when your in this bus. Thanks to Automotive Addicts for sharing this video which just possible made my day and the day of some of my readers! Unfortunately I don’t think I give you jet power in your Acura, Honda, Hyundai and Kia but I could sure try!! ha.

In the world of WHY NOT, anything is possible. Paul Stender along side of the guys at Indy Boys, Inc. came up with a ridiculous idea of building a customized school bus with a 42,000-horsepower GE J-79 Phantom jet fighter engine to propel this monstrosity to over 300 mph.

One of the videos below shows the astonishing 80-foot flames coming out of the jet engine as the bus is sentracing down a runway. The school bus’ build incorporated metal structure parts normally found on a 747 jet. I am sure over 300-mph you want some type of stability.

I bet you are wondering what the purpose of all of this is. According to Cnet Stender says, “I built the bus for two reasons. The first is to entertain people because, come on, it’s a jet bus. The second, is to keep kids off drugs. Jets are hot, drugs are not.”

Most beautiful car ever produced? Weigh in here!

Well, it’s the question that USA Today proposed. Is this the most beautiful car ever produced? It does look pretty shiny, pretty lines, and very interesting look but what do you guys think? Let’s weigh in. What is your favorite car? What is the most beautiful car in your opinion? If you could have any new or used car in the world what would you drive? Tell me! I want to know.

Here’s the story.

The more we look at this 1949 Delahaye 175 Roadster, the more we wonder: could this be the most beautiful car ever created?

Sure, the wheel skirts and perfect proportions help. But isn’t just a stunner from far. The tiny details are just as perfect as the outline. No wonder it is expected to fetch upwards of $4 million at the RM Auction in Monterey, Calif., next week during the weekend of cars.

The Delahaye stands apart for a number of reasons. As RM points out, it has “stunning one-off coachwork by Saoutchik.” It goes on to say, “this wildly extravagant, award-winning Delahaye is without question the most elegant, special and rare post-war coachbuilt motor car ever made. Built for the reemerging concours circuit following the war, it was shown in Paris, Monte Carlo, San Remo, and more recently, Pebble Beach.”

We take that to mean the auctioneers agree, this could be the single most amazing car ever.

Well, what do you think? I’d love it hear it.

Could You Park Your Car Here?

I just had to share this video with you because in my head I can not wrap around how he does this every single day. That would drive me completely mad! I will never ever again for as long as I live complain about all the stuff in my garage because this man’s car is 58 inches wide and his garage is only a roomy 60 inches. An inch each side is enough, right?

What do you guys think?

The Dangers Of An Auto-Induced Hyperthermia.

I can not even begin to explain how dangerous it is to leave your kids or pets in the car for any given amount of time. It’s just stupid and reckless. You have no idea what could happen in 60 seconds. Not only could your car be stolen with your child in it, but in these hot summer months you could kill your child or pet before you know it. I was really impressed with this story fromConsumer Reports and felt compared to share it with you as it is something that is very close to my heart. It just breaks my heart to watch the news and hear that a mother left their child in the car in this summer heat only to lose that child.

Summer can be a fun time of year with warm weather, school is out, and everyone heads outdoors. But it also means that parents need to be extra vigilant to keep tabs on their children and help keep them safe. The child safety group Kids and Cars have documented 100 non-traffic fatalities so far this year–35 frontovers, 32 backovers, and 18 related to heat. Sadly, we can expect more tragic accidents as injuries and deaths peak in the summer months. Just last week seven children died from heat stroke after being left in the car.

Here are some tips that everyone can do to help prevent such tragedies.

  • Never leave a kid alone in a car. In the summer, there are significant risks, with the interior temperature rising quickly, and children being particularly vulnerable to temperature changes. Beyond temperature, there are security concerns and risk that a child could disengage a parking brake or otherwise move the vehicle.
  • Check your car before you leave, especially if you have a change in your normal routine. To avoid accidentally leaving a child in the car, some people use a stuffed animal in the front seat as a reminder that a child is in the rear. You can also put an essential item like your purse or briefcase in the back seat, so you know you have to open the back door.
  • Before you pull in or out of a driveway, check all around to make sure no children are in the way and proceed slowly, with music off. A backup camera can help if you have a large vehicle.
  • Lock up your car. To avoid children playing in the car when it is unattended, keep it locked with the windows up when you are not using it.
  • Look around. If you are in a parking lot, casually look around to see if any children are left in their vehicles. If so, take action and call 911 immediately.

For more on child safety, see our kids and cars safety section.

—Liza Barth

Please please be safe out there parents, the loss of your child is not worth the time you save leaving them in the car.

The 2011 Honda Odyssey Says Don’t Mess With My MPG!

Who’s excited about the new Honda Odyssey? Well I am!! And so is Superior Honda!  We just read an article on USA Today and it gets us even more excited! The new Honda Odyssey will have an amazing MPG which could send everyone into a frenzy.

Check this out:

Honda says it recently got the good word from the feds that at least one version of its 2011 Odyssey minivan will be rated a remarkable 28 miles per gallon on the highway, just what Honda had predicted.

That makes the 2011 Odyssey, a major overhaul due in showrooms this fall, three mpg better than the current champ, Kia Sedona, and four mpg better than the four-cylinder version of the 2011 Toyota Sienna, a model Toyota launched to have a lower-price, higher-mpg model. – USA Today

Have you been over to your Cincinnati Honda dealer lately and seen the new cars? I know you want to test drive this new Odyssey, i’ve already shown you how awesome the interior is and all the new features. Well, what do you think? 28 MPG HWY is pretty great for a minivan!

A New Automotive Black Box In The Works?

Well it seems like we are getting closer and closer to manufacturer’s putting black boxes in our new vehicles. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it’s to big brotherish or do you think it’s for the better of the community? Well here’s the latest report from AutoBlog.

Intel is currently hard at work on the next generation of vehicle event data recorders, the infamous black boxes that Congress has clamored for since Toyota’s unintended acceleration problems dominated headlines earlier this year. According to The New York Times, these new black boxes may do a lot more than just record things like vehicle speed and whether you’re wearing your seatbelt. Intel’s prototype will incorporate GPS and all of a vehicle’s onboard cameras for real-time mapping of the road conditions.

As if that’s not intrusive enough, Intel proposes that the EDRs record up to 30 seconds of interior video as well. While this level of information would likely prove helpful in determining who’s at fault in an accident, there’s the prickly question of who owns that information once it’s stored in the vehicle. Does it belong to vehicle manufacturers as it does now? Should the government be able to lay claim to it without a warrant? Will insurance companies be able to use EDR data any way they see fit, or does it belong to the owner of the vehicle? This could get ugly, and it probably will before all’s said and done.

[Source: The New York Times]

Seriously what are your thoughts on this? I think this could be a very good discussion.