The Sites Of Cincinnati

New car dealerships in Cincinnati are just waiting to get you on the road for your next adventure and at Superior Cars, the professional staff will have you in a new or pre-owned car in no time flat and ready to see the sites of Cincinnati.

Whether your plans are for a day trip, weekend getaway or extended vacation, Cincinnati offers a variety of entertainment and attractions for singles, adults and families looking for fun morning, noon and night.

Things to do and places to go

  • Kings Island – if theme parks with thrill rides like an 80-mph roller coaster, family rides, entertainment, a huge water park with wave pools and river, 60 dinosaur animatronic exhibits and scrumptious dining options are your cup of tea, Kings Island is the place to be. The park is the Midwest’s biggest amusement and water park.
  • Great Wolf Lodge – adjacent to Kings Island, the lodge is an ideal choice for accommodations. The added attraction of staying at the lodge is access to its 79,000 sq. ft. indoor water park included in the price.
  • Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens – always a treat to see tigers, lions, bears, fish, reptiles and mammals up-close and personal. Add a self-guided tour to see everything the zoo and gardens has to offer.
  • Cincinnati Museum Center – built in 1933 as the Union Terminal train station, the 10-story building houses the Omnimax Theater, Duke Energy Children’s Museum, Cincinnati History Museum and the Museum of Natural History and Science. The center is a National Historic Landmark.
  • Newport Aquarium – take the 9-minute drive across the river to Kentucky and experience the antics of resident jellyfish, gators, stingrays, frogs, penguins, piranha, lizards, snakes and more.
  • BB Riverboats – while in Newport, book a lunch, dinner or sightseeing cruise along the scenic Ohio River. Enjoy a delicious meal or make reservations for a special cruise to a local winery.
  • Riverwalk – the 4-mile path runs along the Ohio River from Cincinnati to Kentucky providing stunning views of the skyline along with shops, dining, children’s areas, monuments and historical sites along the way.
  • American Sign Museum – take the tour and see the many hand carved wooden, gold leaf and electric bulb advertising signs created from 1870 to 1970.

If buying a new, pre-owned or certified Acura, Kia, Hyundai or Honda is on your list of things to do before setting out to see the sites, stop by Superior Cars and check out their impressive inventory of cars that will make travel time anywhere and anytime a real pleasure.

Top 5 Driving Tips To Help Save Gas When Driving a New or Used Car

In today’s world the cost of gas fluctuates from what we now considerable affordable and what is highway robbery. In doing research on my own to figure out how I could conserve on gas I found roughly 5 solid driving tips to help save gas, and these are tips that could help everyone. They way I look at is is, regardless if you’re driving a new car or a used car, saving gas is saving money.

  1. Drive Sensibly – This one is a no-brainer. Rapid acceleration, quick excessive braking, speeding, and aggressive driving wastes gas. Driving conservatively and sensibly can even lower your gas mileage by 33 percent at highway speeds and by 5 percent when driving in town.
  2. Observe The Speed Limit – Each vehicle new, or old reaches their optimal fuel economy at different speeds. It is said that gas mileage can decrease rapidly at speeds over 60 mph. At that pace you can assume that for each 5 mph you drive over 60 mph its like paying .24 cents more per gallon. That can add up really quickly if you’re blazing the roads all over town.
  3. Avoid Excessive Idling – When you’re idling you are getting 0 miles per gallon. Cars waste gas when they idle, cars with larger engines typically will waste even more gas than cars with smaller engines. Why take the risk? When you’re not driving you should just turn your engine off. Not only will it save on gas but its good for the environment too and we should all be thinking about the environment.
  4. Use Cruise Control – Now obviously this is not something you can do when sitting in traffic but using cruise control on the highway can help reduce your gas waste by maintaining a constant speed and not overworking your engine.
  5. Remove Excess Weight – If you’re like me you’ve got junk in your trunk. I’ve got lawn chairs, blankets and the like just sitting back there. Partly because I’m too lazy to take it up stairs and partly because you never know when you might need to use them. Once I found out I could save gas by taking that stuff out, I quickly moved them back to the garage. According to an independent study by the US government, “An extra 100 pounds in the trunk reduces a typical car’s fuel economy by 1-2%.” As you can see it’s time to dump that junk in your trunk and start saving gas.


As gas prices keep rising, and the money in your wallet keeps dwindling. There are ways you can save on gas and reduce your overall fuel consumption. I hope these tips will help you in your quest to saving gas and if nothing else gets you thinking about other ways we can help the environment.

How To Travel With Your Pet In Your New Car

Going on a road trip and bringing the family pet along for the first time? Your Cincinnati car dealers have some suggestions that will help make your vacation flow a lot smoother now that you have decided to bring your fury pal along. If you are planning a long trip during the holidays, take him to the vet and make sure he is current on all of his shots and vaccines. Make sure that he has his rabies vaccine tag and the documented paperwork might not be a bad idea if you plan on day-boarding him.

Also, make sure that he has a current ID tag on his collar with his name, your name and home and cell phone numbers. Having your cell phone number on his ID tag is wise because if for some reason your little pooch gets separated from you while you are out of town and he needs to get in touch with you, you will be on your cell, not at home. Just like us human folk, our four legged friends need to be considered when it comes to safety restraint. So think about getting a dog harness for riding in the car, if you don’t have one already. They are available at most pet stores or on-line.

Make sure that you have plenty of dog food and any medication that will last the duration of the trip. Also, if you want to be really prepared, you may want to bring bottled water as some animals get sick when drinking water they are not accustomed to. Also, don’t forget to pack lots of goodies and snacks, several favorite toys, food bowls, leashes, and plastic “potty”bags for cleaning up.

The day has come for your big departure – the family is on the road. Make sure to keep the car well ventilated and the temperature cool. We don’t want anyone getting overheated. As you’re traveling, I would try to stop every 2-3 hours to let your doggie out to walk around and relieve himself. I would also offer him some water at these times. Whatever you do, do not leave the little guy in a parked car by himself, even with the window cracked in the shade. This can be very dangerous, even fatal.

Your Cincinnati car dealers love our four legged friends, if you have any other tips you’d like to share, leave them in the comments section below.

Cincinnati cars, what do you use? Air or Nitrogen in the Tires?

So Nitrogen in your tires….That sounds odd. Cincinnati car dealerships are seeing a lot of requests for nitrogen filling options for their tires. Not sure what the fuss is about? Are you wondering what it can do for your tires? Well nitrogen filled tires are not necessarily the latest, but the could be greatest craze right now.  Did you know that nitrogen is all around us? Of course you did, you passed 8th grade science. Technically speaking, the air we breathe is 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and small amounts of other gasses. Science class over.

So what’s this big hubbub about nitrogen? Well, actually, nitrogen is said to have many advantages over oxygen when it comes to tire inflation. Nitrogen enhances handling, improves fuel efficiency, extends tire life, provides cooler running tire temperatures and can keep you safer on the roads….. Overall, filling up with nitrogen won’t hurt and may provide benefits. It’s really up to you to decide what you’d rather have. It is important to note that nitrogen is more expensive than ai (as air typically costs nothing)r, so be prepared for tha added expenset. But here’s the deal on that too. the added expense. You see, nitrogen particles are bigger than those of oxygen so they don’t pass through the tire wall as easily. Check out the diagram.

Here are a few stats on Nitrogen.

Maintain proper tire pressure with nitrogen, and you’ll see these three primary benefits:
• Increased Fuel Efficiency – Correct tire pressure keeps the manufacturer’s recommended “contact patch” on the road. This lessens the rolling resistance and maximizes fuel efficiency.
• Longer Tire Life – When it comes in contact with other materials, oxygen causes oxidation. Oxidation can make rubber brittle and cause it to lose tensile strength. In addition, at high temperatures and pressures, oxygen reacts and damages inner tire liners and belt packages; nitrogen does not.
• Increased Safety – Under-inflated tires cause 90% of blowouts. Nitrogen provides more reliable pressure for reduced blowout potential. Go to for more info.

Check out this video with Jay Leno on Nitrogen filled tires. Yes. Jay Leno.

Looking for a shot of nitrogen? Give your Cincinnati car dealer a shout and we can probably help out.

Dead battery? Try Charging it before replacing it.

If you’ve ever been stuck with a dead battery, you know how miserable it is. But don’t worry, help is on the way…and no, it’s not the tow truck. It’s a battery charger! The best way to avoid any unforeseen problems is to avoid them altogether right? So, keeping your battery in good condition is one way to “avoid” one such “unforeseen problem”. Got it?

Let’s say you accidentally left your interior lights on all night and you wake up to find that you have a dead battery, what do you do? Without a battery charger, you call into work and burn a personal day in hopes of getting a jump from a neighbor or a new battery. With a battery charger, well you get to save that personal day for a time when you really want to play hooky. Let me tell you, for around $50, it’s worth it and you’ll get a pretty decent charger to boot!

How does a charger work? Check out the video.

How easy is it to use? This easy.

Of course, there could also be other reasons why your battery is discharging faster than usual or not having enough juice to turn the starter, and that is a bigger issue. I’d advise you take your car to your mechanic if your battery issues become problematic.

Is Your Engine Oil Trying To Tell You Something?

I can not stress enough how important it is to make sure that you get your oil changed regularly and on time. Bad or dirty oil is bad for your engine. Your engine will run a whole lot better with fresh clean oil. Did you know that getting and oil analysis could tell you if you have any maintenance issues? Well it can. has put together this story on how you can get your oil analyzed in your new or used car and find out if it’s trying to tell you something. This is great information!

Analyzing the oil in your car is like sending a sample of your blood to the lab — it reveals an astonishing amount of information about the inner workings of your engine without invasive surgery. By reading the results of the analysis, you can fine-tune the intervals between oil changes and discover problems — such as a leaking head gasket — before they cause more expensive damage.

You might even consider analyzing the oil from a car you are considering buying. Currently this is popular with airplane, boat and heavy equipment buyers, but at least one company may soon offer this as an option for used car shoppers as well.

Test-Driving Oil Analysis
We sent two samples of engine oil to Blackstone Laboratories in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to see what we could learn about a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant with 80,000 miles on its four-cylinder engine. The first sample was oil that had been used for 3,000 miles. The second sample was taken right after an oil change at a Jiffy Lube.

The 3,000-mile oil still had plenty of life left in it, according to the lab results. Blackstone recommended we try increasing the oil change interval to 5,000 miles and send another sample for analysis at that point. Furthermore, the report said the wear metals in the oil were within normal levels, meaning that the engine was not in immediate danger of breaking down. By detecting specific wear metals in the oil, experts can tell which engine parts might be in danger of malfunctioning.

Since the purpose of oil is to lubricate, clean and cool the engine, a TBN (total base number) is used to measure the deterioration of the oil by assigning a number that is usually between 0 and 8. The TBN of the 3,000-mile oil was 3.7. The Jiffy Lube oil was 7.6 indicating it had been barely used.

“Even if the TBN is 1, it doesn’t mean the oil isn’t doing its job,” said Ryan Stark, president of Blackstone Laboratories. “But it does reveal the rate at which the additives are being used up.”

Oil Analysis, a Growing Business
Stark said that his company, which employs six analysts, gets about 20 new customers a day and does between 40,000 and 50,000 reports per year. A single analysis costs $22.50 but discounts are available for multiple analyses. Blackstone can also analyze transmission fluid and other engine fluids to look for possible problems.

Many other laboratories offer engine oil analysis, but Blackstone’s reports are user-friendly, and the turnaround is quick. Within days of our mailing in two 4-ounce samples, the results were e-mailed to us.

“We’ve had customers who were changing their oil every 3,000 miles and now they’ve gone to every 10,000 miles because of our reports,” said Stark. “But we’re conservative. If the oil looks good at 3,000 miles we recommend increasing the frequency by 2,000 miles and taking another look at it.”

A Used-Car Buying Tool?
A Long Beach, California, company that provides pre-purchase inspections for private parties is breaking new ground by planning to offer engine oil analysis to private-party used car buyers.

“With an oil sample test, which essentially is the DNA of a car’s engine and transmission, we can detect any excessive conditions that can lead to serious mechanical problems down the road,” said Alliance Inspection Management Vice President of Sales Eric Widmer.

If the oil sample result meets industry standards, a limited warranty will be offered to the buyer. Edmer said this was the first time an inspection service has used this method to qualify a buyer for a warranty. It would, Edmer points out, provide a level of confidence for used-car buyers shopping for a reliable car.

Stark said that some of Blackstone’s customers have sent samples from cars they were considering buying but it’s far more common practice with buyers of airplanes, boats, motorcycles or even jet skis.

How To Take an Engine Oil Sample
We took the Mitsubishi samples by sliding under the car, unscrewing the oil filter and draining the oil into a glass jar. The jar was sealed securely, wrapped in padding and Fed Exed to Blackstone.

Taking a sample in this manner is messy, and you can burn your hand on the hot oil filter. Instead, you’ll want to use a vacuum pump that takes a sample through the dipstick opening. Such a pump is available from Blackstone or other oil analysis labs.

Oil Analysis for Do-It-Yourselfers
Car owners who enjoy changing their own oil will find oil analysis an inexpensive test and easy to perform as part of engine maintenance. It helps consumers tailor their oil change intervals and experiment with the benefits of different oils such as synthetic blends. Furthermore, some people might try it as a used car shopping tool next time they are looking for a reliable car.

Then again, there is the pure love of knowledge that such a test provides. For a gearhead, that’s an end in itself. “For years and years no one knew when to change the oil, so they went with three months and 3,000 miles,” Stark said. “Now, we can provide a service that’s a good value to people so they really know what’s best for their engine.”

Well do you think this is something that you might like to try on your new or used car? I’d be interested to see what my oil says. It’s probably something along the lines of, “hey there not to bad at all.” You see, I am a maniac about getting my oil changed regularly.

Consumer Reports: The 2010 Acura MDX!!

This is straight from Consumer Reports! I could not have said it better myself. The review is in! When you’re ready to test drive the 2010 Acura MDX stop by your local Cincinnati Acura dealer for the ultimate in test drives!

Acura’s three-row luxury SUV is a sibling of the more family-focused Honda Pilot. The MDX was redesigned for the 2007 year, and it was given a mid-cycle freshening for 2010 that brought a brand-new six-speed automatic transmission, as well as a few other tweaks and additional standard content.To evaluate the updates, we bought a new 2010 Acura MDX for $46,715, including the extra-cost navigation system–the only major option on our tester.

The MDX has a slick and powerful 300-horsepower V6 that delivers quick acceleration and sounds polished even at high revs; the new transmission complements the engine perfectly to form a solid, smooth drivetrain.


The MDX is agile. We found it easy to drive, even in a hurry with little body roll and responsive steering. It allows for a bit of cornering line adjustability with the onset of oversteer at its limits, but the electronic stability control system keeps the SUV in line.Drivers will find plenty of space and a tall, commanding seating position. The front seats are comfortable and supportive, and the second row is roomy for adults. Children will be the only ones who find the third row comfortable, and even then access to them is snug.

The MDX is well appointed with faux wood, soft-touch panels, and quality materials.

Overall, the MDX performs better than vehicles costing far more. For more insights, see our full MDX road test and ratings, available to online subscribers.

Watch our video on the 2007-2009 Acura MDX.

What do you guys think?

The Scariest Special Edition Kia Ever!

So we have seen a few special edition Kia Soul’s already this year. Check this one out though! It may be just the beginning of summer but this special edition Kia Soul is called the “Soul Ghost.” Have you test driven the Kia Soul yet? Visit your local Cincinnati Kia dealer to test drive the Kia Soul.

Here’s a little blurb about the Soul Ghost from Autoblog:

Kia just announced a new special-edition Soul. The Ghost Soul will join the likes of the Shadow Dragon Soul,Denim Soul and Ignition Soul as the last of four unique takes on the Korean automaker’s quirky people mover. The changes to the base car are fairly subtle and include a new fender vent and rear spoiler, along with a smattering of chrome accents and snappy-looking 18-inch wheels. Inside, buyers can look forward to a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, along with heated, leather-trimmed seats that replace the stock buckets.

The Ghost Soul is based on the Soul+, but throws in an Audio Upgrade Package for good measure, meaning that the additional center speaker and subwoofer come standard. Final pricing sits at $20,185, not including destination, and the company says that the Ghost Soul is available at dealers right now.

What do you guys think? I think it’s awesome!

It Does Not Matter Where You Are From, Be A Good Traveler!

There is the stereotype we all know of called the “Ugly American”, apparently we tend to be a little boisterous, demanding, underdressed. You name it. According to a study done by Expedia we rank 3rd in loudness behind Italians and the Spanish. The French took the top spot for rudeness and poor tipping.

The Japanese topped the list as world’s best tourists, thanks to politeness, cleanliness, lack of complaining and good tipping. They were followed by the British, Canadians and Germans. Americans, who ranked 11th, are great tippers but are seen as loud and not-so-well dressed.

Seeing as it is that traveling time of year I thought i’d share these tips with you compliments of Expedia and Anne Stein from

Whatever country you’re from, it’s best to follow a few travel guidelines:

  • You’re a guest in this country, here to learn and explore.
  • Be respectful of the culture, food, entertainment, and people. One example: Don’t demand or complain about what’s not on the menu. Instead, try what’s being offered, just as you would if you were a guest in someone’s home.
  • Learn some phrases in the local language. Don’t demand to be spoken to in English and don’t raise your voice to “help” someone understand you.
  • Try to understand and enjoy differences. Don’t judge everything by how it’s done “at home.”
  • Sssshhh! Match your volume with the voices around you. It’s respectful.
  • Dress appropriately. Clean slacks, a polo shirt or button-down, or skirt and blouse are all simple and suitable for most situations.
  • Never be condescending to the locals.

Can you think of any other tips for traveling during this vacation season?

Do you have a new or used car? Here’s a reminder for you.

Have you ever heard a story on the national or local news about children getting ran over? Did you know that dozens of children are backed over every week in the U.S. with many who die or are left paralyzed? Usually this happens by the parents or a direct family member. I could not even begin to imagine the pain and anguish these parents must feel. The most important thing is that you need to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Walk around your car before getting in a driving off. Make sure your kids and your neighbors kids are safely out of the way. Take your time and be double sure no one is in harms way.

I found this video which originally aired on the CBS News on the dangers of blind zones. You really should watch it because it clearly illustrates the dangers of blind zones.

Be prepared for anything. If you need to, install a camera, roll down your windows and listen for children.